Test-Driven Development for C or C++ Training | Remotely Delivered via Web-meeting

This training course helps you build knowledge, understanding and skill in the engineering practices needed to build great C or C++ code. You learn how to build flexible and modular software with very few defects, software that can have a long useful life. We teach you how to prevent defects and how to keep code clean over years of evolving needs.

Are you still using Debug Later Programming? If you are tiring of chasing bugs, you might want to give Test-Driven Development a try.

TDD helps prevent defects! You'll discover that with TDD you can detect your mistakes and fix them moments after you make them. The payback is in the initial release, as you waste less time chasing bugs, and you check something in that actually works! You'll later see other benefits you get from test-driving.

This course is a good option for individuals trying to sharpen skills, or small teams where an on-site class is not a good fit. It is also a good way for your team to get started and to know us better.

Dates, Times and Cost

Scheduled Courses (1)
September 4,5,6, 2019
(Wednesday to Friday)
10:00 to 03:00 CT
(US Central/Chicago time)
Hours may change to accomodate attendees.
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