Attendee preparations for Remote Delivered Training

You will only need a computer with a web browser, and high-speed internet access to take this class. We will use a custom version of that lives on a cloud server. Please test your network access to cyber-dojo by navigating to You also need network that has at least 20 Mbps performance.

Prerequisites for courses taught in C

You will be creating new C functions in the TDD training class. We find that some programmers are rusty on creating new functions. If that is you, please practice creating some new functions. This would include adding a function declarations to header files, and adding definitions to the source files. Here is a reference for C functions. You may also want to brush up on your C scoping rules.

Prerequisites for courses taught in C++

If you are new to C++, or a little rusty, please spend some time before class refreshing your C++. Here is a link to a C++ reference. Attendees should be familiar with that material on that page as well as these topics. They are linked toward the bottom of the page.

  • Class member functions
  • Class access modifiers
  • Constructor & destructor
  • Pointer to C++ objects

  • There is a lot more to C++ than just those topics, but that is enough to get started.

    Prerequisites for courses taught in C or mixed C/C++

    For C only, or a mixed C/C++ class no need to worry about the C++ syntax for this class.

    Other details

    You'll be sent an an email a day or two before the training with:
  • On-line meeting invitation
  • A link to a download of the course materials
  • A link to the exercise server