Refactoring: Three Critical Skills - Agile Alliance Technical Conference

Here are the Slides from James Grenning's talk at the Agile Alliance Technical Conference, Raleigh, NC April 7, 2016.

To keep code young and flexible for a long useful life, design has to be reconsidered and revised with each new behavior added. Consequently, refactoring is a step in the TDD cycle. Even with that emphasis, code can deteriorate into the incomprehensible. Just saying refactor, does not cause it to happen. It takes skill to identify code and design problems; it takes skill to envision improvements; and it takes skill to transform code while keeping it working the whole time. In this talk we'll explore the three essential skills to keeping code young.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The objective of refactoring
  • Identifying code and design problems
  • Envisioning improvements
  • Transforming code while keeping it working
  • After James' talk, Roxi Ozolins interviews James on the source of Wingman Software's name and the three skills of Refactoring.

    Download the slides.

    Here are the updated slides used at South Florida's Agile Lean 2017 Conference.

    Published: April 07, 2016