Training Preparation -- Something else about the 1133 attendees

Something else
Software that I develop currently are small-medium applications for internal use. Automation tools, etc. Show
Play guitar, bass, and a little piano. Show
X Show
I'm from India, and now live in Pennsylvania Show
New hire for configuration management area. Show
Engineering Manager w/ 25 yrs embedded software development, scrum master Show
I support legacy products that were developed 20+ years ago. Show
I drive an all yellow Mini-Cooper with a license plate of WOODSTK Show
I play the drums. Show
Not related to Robert E. Lee Start programming in 6th grade on a 110 baud accoustically coupled modem connected to a computer at the Berkley Lawrence Hall of Science Show
currently a manager, but I have developed firmware for much of my career Show
Programs are mostly in house apps Show
I like nature Show
Firmware design with specialty in Motion Control and servo design. Show
I like writing backend web applications in my spare time. Show
I have master degree on EE. Show
I love to develop software related to networking. Additionally, I like to use efficient algorithms and data structures in software development. Show
I am new to the label printer group and am coming up to speed on their development environment Show
I like rock climbing, going to the beach, and playing with Kids toys with my son. Show
Enjoy challenging work. Show
I am from RI and am interested in future tech and music. Show
I enjoy debugging and reverse-engineering. Show
Avid outdoorsman Show
sfsd Show
Saw a Coyote at Paramount ranch last night Show
I went to school for EE Show
I have more experience on PLC programing ,but no so much in C & C++. I can make only simple program by using C lauguage. Show
Passionate in programming world. Love algorithm and programming very much. Coding is hobby Show
I have been a field engineer for 5.5 years. I have done some softwares while i was on field, but it wasn't always a part of my job. I recently decided to pursue my passion, engineering, so i asked for a shift back to technology development..and here i am! I build small airplanes as a hobby. Then i (try to) make them fly themselves :) Show
I like to write code. Show
- Show
I like reading and do some sports when i'm not working. Spending time with family is my favorite activity as well. Show
feel too slow to finish product feature Show
I like reading. And I like photography. Show
Beginner to TDD Show
Despite decades of programming experience, I am still quite new to Unit Test Show
Prefer clean and simple code Show
Have been with Low-Level Display team, writing the display drivers. Now with Signaling team, handling of radio over the air protocol. Show
I modified code and built a robot combine harvester in my Ph.D. study. Show
A programmer. Show
I'm an Electrical engineer that always worked with software development. My work scope right now include the development of small applications using C#. And develop simulation using the Siemens SIMIT software. Show
I just joined Motorola. So, my coding skills are very rusty and most of my job functions at present do not involve much coding yet. Show
I want to improve test and coding effiency for the whole team and individuals. Show
Average programmer. Show
Dislike writing too much test especially function by function unit testing. Show
interest in embedded programming Show
I believe in TDD Show
Low Level component Software Engineer. Show
- Show
have some experience about unit test Show
working as software engineer since graduate, 14 years working experience, Show
SW developer working on DSP Show
Passion with programming and embedded system. Show
Embedded hardware and software engineer Show
Sustaining existing codes, propose solution, troubleshooting Show
Love to learn new things Show
Test Engineer with experience in semiconductor. Show
I'm more a test hardware design person but not too much into doing programming. Show
I have an electrical engineering background but I have had passion for firmware since my bachelors where I programmed microcontrollers in assembly language and in my Masters I programmed FPGAs in verilog HDL. Currently I am programming a DSP from TI in C. Show
I'm an embedded software engineer, have been doing embedded C and trying to understand and implement Uint tests rather than TDD because the project I'm in is in a mature state. I would like to learn more about TDD and how we can implement it in other languages such as C# for application software rather than just embedded. Show
specialize in embedded and artificial intelligent controls Show
I am an embedded software developer working on firmware for TI processors for high temperature high pressure safety critical systems. I am an xkcd fan. Show
I am not good in programming ,but I am taking this as challenge to improve my embedded skills as this is what I desire to be. Show
electrical background starting programming very recently Show
Electrical Engineer, recently switched to firmware, very new to TDD (0 experience) Show
I prefer C++ Show
i am developing NFC software stack and doing feature development for this technology. Show
Embedded software development exp in NFC and other connectivity technologies i.e. AGPS and embedded development experience. Show
Mostly programming in Assembly for Rela-time Systems Show
I enjoy low level programming, the closer to the hardware the better. Show
C/C++ Knowledge with a passion for making things. Show
Senior Staff Engineer responsible for delivering Firmware features. Additional task of maintaining firmware released to customers Show
I have a collection of Lego mini figures on my desk Show
- Show
My whole carrer has been in embedded systems Show
young engineer that is eager to learn more Show
I ski, and ride a motorcycle. Not at the same time. Show
ASIC verification engineer moved to FW development Show
Programming is a hobby first, career second. Show
I learned most of what I know about Agile practices working for Pillar Technology for about a year and a half. For personal reasons I had to move back to Tulsa, so I worked for Garmin for a couple of years. Now I am starting a new position with more freedom to practice software development correctly, and to teach others to do so within the context of the work I do. Show
I am my team's Scrum Master Show
I do not have a very narrow area of expertise, most of my career has required doing whatever is needed to bring an electrical/software product from concept to manufacturing success. I have never worked on a software team larger than 2 or 3 people. Show
A tech guy trying to do mostly management Show
I'm an engineering graduate, been working as a firmware(security module) engineer for SATA SSD's for more than 4 years. Show
I worked in the defense industry for 27 years on very large systems. I have also work on software on several different satelites. I am now a test lead at Smiths Show
I train horses in my spare time. Show
I am a Sofware Test Engineer Show
I am embedded software engineer working on ST processor . Show
Married, 2 boys, aged 7 and 10. Enjoy golf, cycling, fishing Show
I started out as an electronics engineer but decided to switch to software Show
Looking into cyber security implications for industrial control devices Show
I'm a control engineer. I use the programming languages mainly to design/build control algorithms, models and simulations, i.e. MATLAB/Simulink environment. I used the C language for the translation of the control algorithms. Show
In my little team I'm not only an embedded developer, but I also define functional specification, support documentation, support service and sales. So I'm not a "deep" embedded programmer. Show
I qualified in hardware and moved to firmware 25 years ago. Currently I am working with legacy code maintenance and development of special versions. Show
I generally work close to the h/w developing measurement system drivers Show
I love spending time with my family and occasionally, I play table tennis with a group of friends. Show
I'm spending a lot of time doing Jitsu at the moment. Show
I have a mixed background of HW (RTL design, PCBA design, signal integrity) and FW (storage and SSD embedded firmware design). Show
Just started here at micron, came from seagate doing the same kind of work. Show
I don't know... Show
In addition to development, I answer Git questions for my division. Show
- Show
firmware engineer in developing real-time firmware for the SSD drive on multi-core arm processors. Show
I've done personal projects involving tools for old game consoles. Show
I am an embedded C++ programmer who loves to create new things and solve issues. Show
I donate platelets. A lot. Show
I am self oblivious. Show
We don't have any space left in our firmware instruction space to include any test code. Show
I have three grandchilderen and two Berners Show
Most of career spent in medical electronics industry. Show
I enjoy the outdoor. Rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. Show
Worked in a variety of industries - telecommunications, defense, storage. Show
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Show
- Show
NA Show
Hmmm. I have a pomeranian named Perl. Show
I like baseball Show
I have been in the embedded software field for about 9 years now, but have never applied TDD in embedded software (only desktop software) Show
Developer working on Optical drives, Tape drives, HDD's, SSD's. Have developed SAS, SCSI, SATA, USB, ATA, ATAPI interface code. Show
I like beer Show
In the company before Conti I have also used model driven development with C++ for embedded. Show
?? Show
Main role is architect. Show
I study information technology at " Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara " , first year master. Show
I like to do boundary tests Show
I have built my oun 3D printer Show
I'm convinced that with current known technologies, Model Driven Development with UML is the only good way to develop Software. This enables also TDD, since the use cases are designed/developed before the implementation is done. What I'm trying to do is to convince also other people that they should go in that direction. Show
I like examples a lot. And good definitions of terms. I like details. Show
open mind and sociable person, ready to learn more Show
I am a software developer. I perform development as well as module testing. I also participate in requirement analysis. Show
- Show
I am missunderstood Show
I'm a tester - my programming was in the past - I've used a variety of languages, but it's been awhile. Show
i'm a gamer and enjoy multiple types of games. Show
I have mainly worked on small embedded systems Show
Old guy, been around a while Show
N/A Show
Worked mostly on embedded systems Show
I design and implement firmware for SSD's FTL Show
I have 3 dogs. Show
- Show
I am a thinke. Show
I code in Python for my current job which is testing FW features for our product. It has been about 5 years since I was regularly programming in C. Show
i've developed software for satellites, space observatories, and laser beam control systems Show
New to python Show
NA Show
I'm 2 weeks older than Bill Gates. Counting dialects, I've used more than 30 programming languages, some of which I'm sure you've never heard. I've written assembly code for at least 4 different CPUs. I've professionally programmed for more than 40 years, 36 of that full-time. I've been on design teams for 7 custom CMOS ICs and was sole developer on 1 analog/digital custom IC. Given all that, I'm relatively new to embedded code (about 7 years or so). Show
hopefully you would not report my online coding results to my employer, I don't want to go through job interview again. also, I am having an important meeting on the 2nd hour of the 1st day of training(for the whole hour), I hope you could make the course such that I could still catch up after coming back from that meeting. Thanks in advance. Show
Like the outdoors. Show
OK Show
I'm tall Show
Programming low level code for 18years, exclusively in Data Storage. Done Optical Recording, HDD, SSD,... Show
Like to work on new technologies. Show
I learned embedded programming on the 6502. Show
Elec Eng that now does embedded programming. Show
blank Show
Firmware engineer Show
NA Show
I'm old timer firmware programmer. My career started with mostly assembly language (Intel 8051) in the 80's and 90's, then coming to using C, C++ on previuos project. Show
FW manager for past 24 years, last programming language C in 1991 Show
I enjoy the embedded systems subset of the programming world. Show
Cleveland born and bred. Hoping for a championship, starting Thursday. Show
I enjoy learning about new development techniques. Show
Developing our company's software development process to yield "better code, faster" (Jack Ganssle). Hardware and software development from small 8bit and 16 bit processors and now ARM Kinestis processors for controls applications that require UL-60730 certification. Show
My degree is a EE, but learned to program as I went along. Started out as a tech and returned to collage. I play bass guitar in a wedding band. Show
I work at Industrial Scientific in Pittsburgh, PA Show
I am a magician Show
Has little bit of project management experience Show
Currently working in software quality Show
I have experience in programming as well as debugging the code Show
I am a systems and software engineer, with the focus on systems. I have done some software development in my previous job, but not a significant amount. I am new to my current company and have not been actively involved in development. The goal is to become more involved with development in the future. Because of this, I may not have all of the answers below. Show
I play in a band on weekends. Show
Got my first computer (ColecoVision ADAM) at the age of 6; have been hooked ever since Show
I've been working on embedded SW projects (in the consumer electronics area) for the past 10 years. Started with pure C, these days it's both C and C++ Show
I like to test out new technologies and latest gadgets. Enjoy taking things apart to see how they work. I like hiking, cycling and travelling. I developed SW for industrial equipment for 14 years (C#, PLC ladder diagrams, various scripting languages). After that decided to continue in embedded development (automotive). Show
Started to work at automotive software co. Was working on energy sector, RTU's and field IO units. Show
Quite new to the SW developing world, so hope to learn a lot of new exciting things. Show
Member of TUT Robotics Club. Using STM32 platforms to develop embedded software. Showärm/5b/a58/981 Show
I like embedded sw, C/C++. Don't like that there is very little time spent on designing of it (design patterns, etc). Show
I have been playing around with different technology most of my life. I am very eager to learn new technologies and efficient practices to increase productivity. Show
Developing firmware for gas detection system. Atmel AVR chip, previous work on TI 8051 and ARM chips Show
just started programming for work Show
Naaa Show
Live 1 hours from Oslo. Show
I'm a ph. d. dropout in signal processing. Show
Background in embedded systems/electronics. Show
TCL was my first programming language. Show
Cross country skiing - running. Family life with a kid 4 years old. Show
love to travel, and a big movie freak ! Show
following tech trend Show
I don't have a lot of C programming experiences and I've just started learning. Show
Started programming with BASICA on an HCL-built IBM-PC-spec system with two 5.25 inch floppy disk drives, one of which was required to boot the OS. Show
Writing C++ code for the past few years - also for current development. I also use some Python/nodeJS code. Show
n/a Show
Nothing special. Show
design patterns, generic programming, device driver, algorithm Show
Like logic Show
I'm a firmware engineer. 34 years old. I worked for Huawei, Cisco, and now for Micron. Show
1. ever been a embedded software guy 2. in the last 6 years, focus on project/team management as a manager Show
SSD firmware engineer. Show
I am a tester from testing team Show
N/A Show
embedded software Show
none Show
none Show
N/A Show
I use google test in my previous job. Show
Been working at Nielsen for 12 years. Show
no Show
... Show
I have done more hardware design than software Show
I am an embedded sw developer with a history on different platforms. I especially like ARM MCUs. Show
I currently lead a team of software developers who code backend systems in Java. I was an Electrical Engineer in college and used C before. I think I can learn the concepts and bring them to my team even if it's a different programming language. Show
Love to watch TV Show
i abhor such questions Show
Professional nerd Show
I have three adult children. Show
I am a software tester. I am taking this for knowledge skill. Show
I'm a Technical Leader, and I want to lead my team in adopting a test driven design approach on a new project we are starting. Show
I play Bass Show
working in an OS team Show
Volunteer Firefighter Show
Manufacturing test for 15 years Show
I am a firmware test engineer. I test the firmware for our product. I do not write firmware for our product. Show
I am tall dark and handsome Show
I'm a great guy Show
More interested in a low level code development with a small foot print RTOS (not Linux) Show
did development before working in test Show
I don't know you well. Show
Just started working at Elster Solutions. Currently catching back up to speed with C/C++. Show
Do mostly support work now. Less than 10% development work Show
Firmware engineer Show
I'm a contractor Show
I'm a firmware test engineer Show
play softball Show
I like long walks on short piers Show
lead the communications firmware team at Elster Show
I don't like surveys Show
Graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Show
I hate webforms Show
I can be quite secretive. Show
I like running Show
Not a fan of tea or hot drinks in general, which may be considered strange for an Englishman! Show
I like chocolate biscuits. Show
I moved from hardware into software as I enjoy software more. Though I have two years of 'professional' experience in C, I have been programming since I was about 14 for personal hobby based projects. Show
I'm smokin' on the dancefloor. Show
I've done a little of everything: consumer electronics (radio, DVD players), mobile phones, walkie-talkies, etc. Show
I'm writing a chess engine in my spare time in Java. Show
I like to ride my bicycle I like to ride my bike Show
I'm a keen runner in my spare time Show
Don't write as much code as I would like to anymore :( Show
Trained as an Electronics Engineer, started my career writing device drivers for Analog devices processors and then moved on to study Masters in Computer Vision and Robotics. Worked a bit in medical imaging industry writing image analysis algorithms. Finally joined CSR and implementing Bluetooth based audio products since last couple of years. Show
I'm relatively new to embedded programming (about a year). Most of my development experience has been on PC software. Show
Currently programming mainly for SOC devices using embedded C and when needed, for desktop applications in . NET environment using C++. Show
I really like working as a programmer, and my hobby is DJing. Show
I started work in the games industry and have gradually moved into a more embedded environment. Show
? Show
-Working in Embedded systems for past 10years -Programing using C, and bit of assembly -Understanding of micro controllers and hardware. Show
I have been involved in design and coding for embedded applications Show
I have been working on embedded products mainly into Bluetooth technology such as Handsfree car kits, speakers, soundbars, headsets. Show
I've been doing embedded systems development for this whole 10 years in various fields. Since more or less 3 years I'm using some form of unit tests and I like it. Show
Software engineer that doesn't actually get to write any software anymore due to the way the department now operates, little software is actually written by the group these days :-( definitely time for a change of job.... Show
The first program I wrote was in qbasic and was called monster jump Show
I'm a diagnostic engineer Show
Worked in platform area of network devices Show
Primarily do Java coding for work. Do Python game making on the side. Show
The "infrastructure" guy at Dynon, the first SW hire. Show
I was recently appointed software architect to start tackling our technical debt problems. I really enjoy writing software and want to be great at it. I always love learning new things. I would write code even if I didn't get paid to do it. So please push me during the training! Show
I wear glasses... Show
I use vi, what else do you need? ;) John Aaron is a steely eyed missile man. Show
EE, only do firmware as needed Show
Rather not. Show
Mainly writing device driver Show
I work as the sole tester for the entire software group, so I'm spread in a lot of directions. In between test cycles, I try to spend time doing development work to automate test resources. Show
I'm very thorough in the testing that I do before considering myself done with an assigned's often time consuming. Show
I am a developer, mainly in cisco IOS (IOS programming and Linux programming). Show
I like to get my rear kicked shooting pool Show
server development as well as client Show
none Show
Hardware engineer turned software developer Show
I work as a full stack engineer. Show
Much of the code I have been working on here uses relies heavily on OpenGL. Other areas have relied a lot on communication between threads. In both cases I have struggled with how to test this well with unit tests with a reasonable effort. Show
I am an EE with experience in embedded development on various 8-bit, and ARM Cortex-M platforms. I have no experience in x86 development. Show
enjoy learning and incorporating new techniques and technologies that result in time efficiency and quality improvements Show
A lot of embedded software. Trying to pull CPPUTest into our development. Pushing for more C++. A little bit of embedded linux. I like blueberry pie. Show
Primarily an EE but only one capable of programming at company. Previous employment involved complex VHDL system designs. Show
? Show
I am a soccer fan, I don't like this survey because it has all questions required, and no treat for the survey. Show
I am currently working my own toy programming language and writing a compiler from scratch as a learning exercise. I started with ply and lex/yacc, but neither really supports my chosen language syntax (white-space significant). Show
A simple person, trying to utilize the best possible use of my time in technical domain. Show
like program Show
RFID support team for Zebra Show
I breathe air Show
N/a Show
An old dog who still learns new tricks but doesn't expect to be asked to jump through hoops. Show
Nothing Show
I hate queuing in traffic. Show
I'm working on embedded systems Show
Nothing Show
I have been working on embedded systems for 3 years I work on firmware design Show
All unit test tools (JUnit, JMock ecc) has been used during my university carrier. I never used them in the last two year. Show
I never used tdd procedure in my job Show
I come from an Electronics design background Show
I like assembly programming because I worked in many DSP chips for many years. Show
I'm the firmware architect and lead for the 3rd-gen 'Hybrid Memory Cube' program. Show
. Show
- Show
I have been also an RTL designer using Verilog. Other languages used are PERL, Assembler, ... Show
I like to develop products and hence programming the code for them also in my spare time, so in that case I cannot separate the figures: I'm always - the customer that makes the requirements, - the programmer that write the specifications and the code, the tester that check the product, - the debugger that review the code, - again the customer that use the product Show
I am specialized in controls and deal with bus protocols Show
I'm also a psycolog Show
I mainly work on 32bit micro controllers on wireless lighting applications (using ZigBee technology in particular). Show
- Show
I work also on hardare development Show
I'm a linux kind of guy that likes working close to the hardware Show
Trying to manage the change from mainly hardware to software challenges Trying to push Agile Develeopment over V-model Show
I'm Hardware developer and moving more and more towards SW development Show
I am Hardware developer at OSRAM with programming skills Show
I'm starting programming quite early (use the '80 computer) and then switch also to electronic hw design. I've an electronic university degree. Show
Developing "real" embedded Firmware (no RTOS used) Show
I don't know what should be there Show
Because i am working quiet near to the hardware level, it is quiet hard to setup a test for this. Show
Working on C++ since April 2006 Show
5 yrs of C++ 9 yrs of Java/J2EE 2 yrs of Adobe Flex Show
I did most of the development on C++, VC++. From last 3 years working on QT, QML. Show
Interested to know about S/W test module interface development architecutre Show
Love rock climbing and playing with my kids. Show
I have worked in Heterogeneous environment for many years using various programming model Show
Something Show
X Show
Love to learn new things Show
I hate Java Show
- Show
nothing special...just a regular boring software engineer, willing to learn something new Show
GUI developer Show
API Developer Show
I am an embedded programmer mostly working on the Microcontroller based developement Show
Biomedical Engineer graduate, I started to work in Contienental as a Software tester Show
-- Show
My main focus these days are on sotware architecture design and code generation tools. Our architecture is based on software components, but they still have a limited scope (mainly organizational units), and I want to improve it by creating a framework that could allows us to test the integration of them Show
I studied Electronics Engineering and Specialty degree in Embedded Systems. Show
15 years experience as SW developer for automotive real time and safety critial embedded systems. Show
Mainly focus in Embedded Systems Show
I like chocolate. Show
Strong believer in Unit testing, Need to know embedded unit testing techniques and more about how to unit test legacy code Show
I'm the person who you met when you first came to Coca-Cola for the first session. Show
I'm interested in TDD approach to legacy code Show
I have degrees in Physics, Geophysics and Computer Science. Show
I am curious and interested in learning new things. Show
I am C++ application developer. Usually working on the higher levels of software. Show
I was in mobile application development for 4 years ,now working for hmi software. Show
Years programming (above) is professionally. Started playing with BASIC on a ZX spectrum when I was 9. Show
Mainly worked with protocols in a mobile phone environment Show
? Show
Have worked on Java/J2EE framework in the past Show
I like crisps? Show
Lots of previous experience in TDD in C++, but not in C. Show
No Show
I have an interest in CI. Show
Basically I am a communication engineer with a passion for software programming. Interested to learn new things when ever there is an opportunity for it. Show
I enjoy baking cakes. Show
I haven't used any unit testing in my development, Looking forward to find how helpful unit testing in the real development environment. Show
. Show
I enjoy premature optimization Show
I like learning new languages and domains. I'm very interested in embedded development because of the more immediate and intimate interaction with the physical world. Show
I love jazz music Show
I am using C++ on my own time for Arduino toy projects. I have practiced TDD with C++ (Catch framework) outside Arduino projects but never when writing code for micro controllers. Show
Last job was as a field organizer on a campaign, got interested in what could be done with software while doing that work Show
I'm a musician and so are a lot of the people coming from Dolby. Show
We shop at the same Home Depot Show
I have been working as a software engineer in the US since 2004. I worked for 4 different companies and I have been mainly worked on application software, such as diesel engine control, transmission control, and crane control software. I also use c++ with Qt to write display software during the past 5 years. In all my jobs, I use water fall (V-model) development process for the software development. The unit testing is normally performed on the test bench or the real machine, for example, a crane, a tractor, or a truck. And I have never used TDD. Show
blend of EE (MS/DSP) by schooling and CS by work experience and interest... algorithms, firmware, embedded, H/W, S/W, system-arch, OOAD, UML Show
Former national champion fencer in my age group. Show
I enjoy walking, reading, bird-watching, cruising and playing tennis. Show
I have done some unit testing but I am still not comfortable with it. I would like to learn it so that I can improve my code quality. Show
cccccc Show
Enjoy hiking. Show
Enjoy rock climbing Show
I like turtles! Show
I have (2) children, am married, and have a dog. Show
I recently slogged through an intense 9 week exercise program (Insanity). Show
wanna eat healthy, but still love pizza :-) Show
2014 Penn State grad. Show
Connecting ideas from disparate sources is awesome. Show
I'm trying to bring TDD to the rest of my company's firmware groups. Show
Other than our "home grown" methods of using of Tcl unit testing, I have not actually done any unit testing Show
FPGA Engineer who hasn't done much SW coding since school Show
I enjoy video games. Show
I am an Electrical Engineer by education. Show
I am curious to see how TDD can be used without having to spend too much time writing tests. Show
In my current role, I am a scrum master but still participate in some software development and code reviews. I'd like to be able to write and review unit tests. Show
I'm a human. Maybe. Show
I have two sons. Show
I'm older than I look. Show
Specialty is Embedded programming. Have been working on Virtual Network function development over the last year. Show
I'm annoying Show
Passionate for programming. Show
I've moved into a Scrum Master role and so I'm becoming more interested in seeing how my team can work more effectively and deliver more quickly with quality code. Show
I am a keen dart player and once shot out on 170 (the maximum). Show
I value experiences far more than possessions, so I hate buying things like clothes or other clutter, but I like spending money on travelling or other experiences like sky diving, etc. Show
Competitive chess player Show
I am from Spain. I have been programming since I was little and I have used multiple programming languages, from assembler to Python but at the moment I practically only use C. I work in Fusion middleware for TV set top boxes. Show
I can smile Show
. Show
Mmm, like what? Show
Nothing Show
Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. First 6 months of my career were spend designing a mixed 68000/Transputer processor board for an embedded system. Mostly involved in embedded software development - on disparate platforms - Transputers, 68000 with no operating system, VxWorks on x86. More recently, I have been involved in X86 development on Windows. Show
Principally a hardware engineer who codes to drive and test hardware. I regard code testing and debugging as one step. Show
I am primarily a DSP programmer which occasionally involves hardware interfacing but have also been doing system level and layer specific testing. I have knowledge of object oriented programming. I have used MATLAB extensively at the beginning of my career but offlate only occasionally to analyse the digital communication data. Show
I drink beer Show
I have been working in telecom software development since last 12 years. I've used waterfall, V-model and Agile development methodologies. Show
I worked in various companies, but mainly in Mobile communication Industry Show
I work on a range of software, primarily post crash analysis PC client tools that are used by the application developers to aid in diagnosing software bugs on the target platform. I also write software for the embedded 'C' platforms related to the capture and output of diagnostic information that is analysed by the post crash analysis tools. Show
I've never eaten a kebab Show
Highly motivated person who really enjoys writing software for one of the best product in the world. Show
On the course to improve awareness and understanding, input to future opportunities, unlikely to practice in current role. Show
I run my own Linux server Show
I have 2 kids and one is not sleeping at the moment. I am knackered. Show
I have a dog, a bicycle, and several Raspberry Pi. Show
Software developper/architect, primarily in h/w control environments Show
NA Show
A computer science graduate Show
- Show
I am an engineer with background in computer science and telecommunications. Show
I work in both the embedded and application domain, I am responsible for integrating RoHC into our product from a third parts (C code), I also work in Perl and Python to create rapid solutions and configure complex test equipment that we supply with our product. Show
Team leader and TA Show
I'm Batman. Show
The majority of my career has been spent as an electrical engineer (primarily analog...) Show
Former musician, also studied physics Show
I don't write code much anymore. Most of my development experience has been Windows development, Web Dev, SOA, database, etc. Show
I like pizza Show
Love SciFi, like photography, looking to improve my programming skills by contributing to an open source project and getting feedback from more experienced developers. Show
I'm working primarily with embedded software or firmware. Show
you know most of the fun stuff :-) Show
Working with both high and low coding, also some communication parts. Show
Embedded Programmer, Primalily Windows Embedded Compact & Windows Desktop. Show
I've won awards for my bad poetry. Show
Educated electronic engineer, but always worked with FW in embedded system since employed by Trimble. Always with projects there we build our own HW and need to bring alive a board and/or controller from the start. As time goes by more CPU power are requested and I moved from 8-bit to 68k to Arm7 and Arm11. Mostly using RTOS OSE from Enea. Show
Started programming as a hobby which has become my profession. Since 2000 I have my own company. I have worked with the following technologies: Total Stations. Surveying solutions. Radio links. Optical distance meters. Handheld computers. Military fighter air crafts. Presentation systems for the pilot. HUDs. Train computers. Building a test framework in C#, replacing old tcl scritps. Mobile phone devices. Improving test framework. Test equipment for the power industry. Large advanced voltage/ampere meters. I have never used TDD in the work process. Show
Lead engineer. I cycle to work when it isn't raining. Show
Mathematician and Musician. Show
I have a wife and two daughters (2 years and 5 years). Live in a house on the west coast of Sweden. When I have free time I like having a coffee and reading some good news magazine or watching a documentary. I enjoy biking to work. On the weekends I enjoy time with my family around our house. There is always something to fix so I am never bored :). Show
Work with RTOS and embedded systems in general Show
I like reading about history. I have three young children and a crazy hyper dog. I used to be a church youth choir director in the past when I wasn't sure if I really wanted to pursue a career in engineering. For fun, I once spent a summer volunteering at a museum, helping to restore a WWII-era submarine. I am a sucker for small companies and start-ups. Show
I'm happiest working in C and C++ Show
I like board gaming and walking Show
.... Show
I enjoyed scuba diving (family permitting), cycling and photography. Show
I like to sail Show
- Show
For the bulk of my career I developed safety-critical systems for a variety of applications. Having worked in corporate and academic R&D, my experiences are quite broad. Show
I like flying. Show
I am working at continuous improvement in our software processes and quality. I am already seeing the benefits but see that where we have failed to implement TDD we are seeing bugs that would have been prevented. I took the onsite course a year ago and want a refresher as we have not fully embraced it. Show
I came from a safety critical background out of school, and since testing was required with independance -- software engineers were dissuaded from spending alot of time testing. I have railed against this throughout, as I feel that the benefits to the developer far outweigh the cost. I am suprised that this feeling is not more prevalent in embedded developers that I talk to, but I wonder if it isn't more of an issue of experience and introduction. Show
I telecommute to Gracenote's bay area office from my house in Maine. Show
I recently started hiking, and have been enjoying getting outside whenever I can. Show
I love listening to music and seeing bands live. Show
I'm developing a new generation of Snort. Show
I am so good that I can teach baby chickens to swim. Show
Most experience in windows programming. New to embedded programming. Show
DSP and firmware background. Ventured into application programming Dec 2015 with Hunter. Show
My formal training is in psychology, but upon encountering massive monotony, I went back to an old passion of mine and made a career out of software development. Show
Mainly experiences on embedding firmware device programming. Show
Embedded SW engineer for 18 years just now changed field to application development. Show
Dogs are AWESOME. Show
I limited languages to those I've used in the past few years. I'm married with two kids and like cycling. Show
I have 2 kids, a girl and a boy. They are 8 and 6. I love playing games of all kinds. I am passionate about agile TDD and software craftsmanship. Show
Mainly code in C. Show
I like to play tabletop roleplaying games. I also like to write both fiction and stories for said role playing games. I am a fan of sea shanties. Show
I am a Sr. Firmware Engineer at Hunter Industries. Show
Love programming Show
I have been working on Middleware and driver layer all of my career. My code mainly interacts with hardware. Show
I have 2 kids and I have a lot to do. I'm working on learning Go. Show
I am new to Macs Show
Managed WLAN Team for 10 years. Now leading NG Architecture Team for DCS. Show
Love embedded systems Show
I have been working in embedded software systems development for about 28 years. Sixteen of those 28 years in a Lead, Managerial, Software Architect or System Software engineering role. I have worked for about 10 different companies in multiple industries from industrial controllers using PLC technology, to bar code scanners, mobile computing devices, robotics and avionics. Show
I previously worked in an Agile environment using Rhapsody Show
My work with Cryptomathic has been primarily focused on developing support software (desktop) and firmware modules (embedded) for Hardware Security Modules used by most of Cryptomathic's products. HSM's are tamper resistant modules which holds and operates with cryptographic key material which must never be available in clear for anyone. HSM's are usually used with banking systems and for generating digital signatures. My passion lies in automation and optimization. Both in life in general and at work. Show
- startet with embedded c during apprenticeship and university (15years ago). - logger-projects (c on pic-uc) during university holidays. - embedded projects with c and statemachines (IAR-visualState), event-driven designs, ethernet, 802.14.4 protocol-stack... - skilled at version-control with subversion. - ... Show
When I was 15 (in 1985) I used some relays to connect my ZX Spectrum to my parents' rotary dial telephone so I could type in a friend's name (into a home written database program) and it would dial there number for me. The electronics was sound but a small programming error meant I kept dialling the emergency services. That was when I learnt about the potential consequence of bugs! Show
My favourite place is the Lake District in the UK. Show
I graduated from SUNY Binghamton in 1990 with a BS in Computer Science/Mathematics and from St Johns University with an MA in Mathematics Show
I am a firmware engineer currently working on scanners and scan engines. I work on low level software and RTOS based embedded software development. Show
... Show
i am mainly a embedded programmer. i have project lead responsibilities. Show
Spent my career in embedded software for industrial automation. Currently in a bit of a culture shock having worked for my previous company for 15 years before moving here where the agile process is used. Not sure that I understand the process and if anything I produce is actually tested 'properly' Show
device drivers Show
i like hardware (too) Show
Algorithm design Show
I work with robots Show
Full stack developer, hard ware to web interfaces Show
I don't like surveys. Show
NA Show
i like rock climbing Show
I enjoy playing sports (basketball) Show
I have been deployed as a field engineer in Saudi Arabia for 2 years, thus all my college coding skills are rather rusty. My team is currently working with LabVIEW which is not really programming but the TDD concepts apply and we use them. Show
- Show
I started working with analog and digital electronics, firmware development such as drivers and embedded applications. Now I have more focus on windows applications, tests and build systems. Show
I have 3 very young daughters, am a DIYer, and I am in an Electrical Engineering apprenticeship Show
Had worked on various consumer electronics and Automotive product developments. Currently, working at the architecture level. Show
Domain Tech Lead for 1 of 12 domains in our infotainment (automotive) SW Architecture. Show
I work with calculation heavy embedded sw Show
I really like developing with QT, a c++ cross platform framework. Show
Although assigned to the software department, I'm a control engineer and use Matlab as my main tool. I do implement the algorithms in C++. Show
I like reading, travel, homeautomation, food + malt in all forms. Show
I like to lift heavy stuff and drink wine! Show
I am normally a happy person Show
I work mostly with embedded system, with high real time demands. Coding is not main task. Show
NA Show
Made the first IoT device long before they called it an internet appliance or IoT item. Circa 2001. Love technology. Show
Domain lead of most visible module in product. Inherited role of a SME for TDD and unit testing setup. Show
currently working with Sync 3 HMI team as DPC. nowadays not coding more managing work. Show
test engineering Show
I spend very little time actually looking at code based on my job responsibilities. Show
have experience in Automotive domain for a longtime. experience working with major tier 1 suppliers. Has good knowledge on Embedded systems and C Show
I lead a team of 20 (offshore and onsite), and responsible for on time delivery of features assigned to my domain. I am the Domain Project Coordinator for SAL (Service Abstraction Layer) Show
passionate about quality and bug-free code Show
-- Show
Have experience developing in all layers of software stack. Show
I like programming very much. But with bigger teams, we don't get to spend time programming. Lot of time is spent in coordinating. A good testing strategy may be helpful to reduce the coordination time. Show
I am passionate about multimedia technology. Show
I like coding in C#. Show
I am a domain project lead for multimedia, I want to encourage my team to perform unit testing. Show
I am a SW lead but also doing programming whenever there is a need. Show
I do hardware development as well,and play a little guitar Show
?? Show
I'm an electrical engineer with an emphasis in computer design (BS) and control systems (MS). Show
I'm a private pilot. Show
I am a good man Show
n/a Show
I don't have a lot of embedded experience. Some Assembly 20 years ago, a lot of Arduino lately, some C here and there on Linux. Lots of higher level development experience. Doing some work with the FTDI Vinculum 2, Company product built on PIC chips. Show
I am manager of software engineering. I'd like to know more about test driven quality improvement of programming. Show
Studied Digital Signal Processing, have worked on cellular modems, and currently work in audio processing. Show
My job mostly consists of implementing algorithms in software to manipulate audio files. Show
I am a new software engineer looking to develop better habits. Show
My hobbies are rock climbing and vintage Vespa scooter. Show
I don't have an education in computer science, but have been programming for a few years. Show
I'm a technical manager, I haven't developed full-time for a while now. Show
I like to play tennis. Show
My goal is to make maintainable, reliable systems. I'm originally from Southern California, and studied Computer Engineering during undergraduate. When I saw the TDD for Embedded C book, I knew I had to have it! Show
Currently involved in project management more than looking at actual code Show
NA Show
Navigation domain engineer Show
been out of actual S/W development for a couple of years Show
I started as a Automotive Engineer working for Panasonic in 2006 and performed different roles. I become the Sync Product Architect in 2013 and Launched the Sync Gen 3 (MY16). Now, I am working as a Software Lead for MY18 Program and participate in Design/code reviews for the product. Show
... Show
Currently, I am DPC of a domain. My role is to plan , track , design reviews and code reviews, analysis reviews. Show
Working in OB/BSP area focusing on driver/platform code development. Show
I haven't used any unit test framework. Show
I am responsible for tuner development for a customer project Show
primarily focused on embedded systems Show
curently i am working as a product architect Show
i am very interested in debugging issues Show
I mostly work on Windows desktop app and services. Lately I also developed some Web Services using WCF. Show
Embedded development is my hobby Show
Working on embedded platforms as Analog DSP, TI DSP, Cortex M0,M3,AVR,... Show
Fimrware developer, system designer, RTOS kernel designer Show
/ Show
embedded hw/sw developer Show
M.Sc. and Ph.D in electronics - HW/SW co-design Experience with FPGA, microcontrollers, limited in Win .net apps Show
moved to software 5 years ago from hardware Show
Dislike filling in questionnaires Show
Love the outdoors. Interested in physics and cosmology. I became a father last week - the mother is an astrophysicist! I own a high end virtual reality headset and I'm interested in tinkering with in Unity with that. Show
Mainly worked in embedded area of development, device drivers and BSP Show
Have a chat! Show
Im a System Integration Team Lead, this involves integrating 50 odd components, a dozen of which are developed by the customer (epg drivers). Show
Electrical Engineer - Analog. Now the Firmware Manager (and the Engineering Manager) Started unit testing back in about 1997. Contributed to DUnit on SourceForge. Did embedded C testing using DUnit with C++Builder and Delphi. Show
I love to fish and camp. Show
I enjoy riding and racing motocross in my spare time. Show
I am both a hardware engineer as well as firmware/software. Show
I grew up in Spokane, Washington. I graduated in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on embedded systems. I minored in Japanese. My wife and I just had a baby girl last week. Show
I am married. Show
I prefer the simple solution. Show
I enjoy the outdoors Show
I am primarily an analog IC designer. I write C# code to test my ASICs My code is for internal use only Show
I like coffee Show
I'm planning to watch the new John Wick movie this weekend. Show
interesting in programming and any other things in computer science. Show
I'm a software engineer, I don't have real embedded programing experience Show
I'm not a robot Show
My area of expertise is wireless network communication protocols like Bluetooth and WiFi. Most of time I'm involved in developing middleware software on these communication protocols. Show
Expatriate from Japan and have some experience of TDD in embedded software Show
I Mainly get involved in Feature design , Interface design and Coding. Show
Never used TDD before Show
Linux device driver, board bringup Show
I am SW Lead of a program developed by Panasonic. Have been working with automotive domain for the last 4 years across various areas. Show
I am having difficult using unit test framework on database management routines. Show
believe testing is as important as developing of software. And it requires effort to do it efficiently Show
- Show
I have a background in Physics and have primarily experience with scientific programming. Show
Online gamer - Rainbow Six Siege has my gaze at the moment. Show
I've spent most of my time in my current role fixing bugs and adding features to legacy code which only have manual tests running on target so I am looking forward to moving to a TDD process. Show
I enjoy dealing with hardware. Show
Old and jaded Show
BSEE and MSEE. Long time (24 years) RF hardware engineer. During that time have intermittently wrote embedded C. Did a 7 year stint implementing DSP algorithms in FPGAs (Matlab and VHDL) for military RF modems. Writing embedded C about 60 % of my time now (RF hardware the other 40%). I love programming and want to become an expert in that area. Old dogs can learn new tricks and have fun doing it. Show
I sustain legacy code, wherein we have requirements to use TDD code when adding new features for rapid response projects. Show
involved in biomedical research, typically a combination of hardware and software. Historically mostly PC programming with some embedded, but embedded projects are increasing. I am an electrical engineer with mostly self-taught programming experience. Show
I have my degree in electrical engineering. Now I'm doing all programming. So there are some fundamental software development courses I never took. Show
Embedded C developer Show
I collect CD's and the occasional vinyl. Show
I am a EE background, but like to code. Show
I live in Tucson, and I have four cats Show
I have not developed much software since 2004 Show
Live in Cincinnati Show
I'm a half manager and a half designer. Show
Telecom embedded and software development tools experience Show
something else. Show
I have a Masters degree in Electronics: Communication and Radio Systems. Currently managing the Software Department for Nordic Semiconductor in Oslo in addition to being one of the developers. Show
On my spare time I like to do outdoor activities, especially rock climbing. Show
I play drums and guitar. Call me and we can jam! What about some good old CCR, or Hendrix? Show
programmer on purpose Show
I'm from Scotland (but now living Trondheim) Show
ee and digital design background, father, choir singer. DIY, Show
no Show
Electronics Engineer by job. Needed to be Jack of All Trades Show
- Show
mainly developing the Firmware Show
I work on embedded systems, main area currently is UWB radio and writing communication drivers. Show
Been in software development for long time, but now have started my job as Tehcnical Project Manager. Show
I enjoy music Show
Have been working with embedded SW/GPU programming the last two years. Before that I designed/programmed FPGA's. Main subjects have been within signal processing and digital design. Show
Originally electronics engineer, but haven't touched hw in a long time. I am mostly doing sw application and gui development. Aside from work I currently have two small kids that keep me pretty occupied in my spare time. Show
kernelwhacker, rt-enthusiast Show
Finished master Embedded Systems on Technical University Eindhoven 6 month ago Show
Will do this in person Show
Started programming as a hobby while still at high school. Worked as software engineer professionally after graduating in 2011 (Computer Science masters degree). First in a C# web services based environment, switching to embedded development after a couple of years. Show
Graduated from college 6 years ago. Worked with Ericsson for the 1st year as a Software Developer mainly using Java. Then took a role as Embedded Engineer working on Electronic Design and embedded software. My current role is solely Embedded Software Development. Show
Graduated ~6 months ago as an embedded systems engineer with a background in electrical engineering, currently working on a Java project. Show
Recently graduated MSc Embedded Systems from TU Delft. This is my 'real' first job Show
15 years ago I switched from programming to testing (automating a lot in perl, tcl, ruby) and now I am a Test Architect. In my current role/project I improve testing (of both developers and testers) at a customer .Because I advocate TDD and unit testing, I think it would be could to experience it myself. Besides that I provide test related courses and now and then I give presentations and workshops on test related conferences. Show
Big fan of TDD. Interested in BDD, agile working, software craftsmanship. I use modelling tools (ASD) and generate parts of my code. Show
I am a happy and experienced software tester, focusing on test automation. Propagating TDD a lot, but as a tester, not really able to follow it exactly. For complete overview: Show
I am 36 years old embedded software engineer. Worked almost always with embedded software using realtime microcontrollers. Last 2/3 years have been working with application software using JAVA,C#,SQL. Will start doing embedded software again within a few weeks. Show
I studied electrical engineering. Graduated in computer integrated manufacturing and medical electrical engineering. I worked as and embedded software engineer on various research&development departments at various companies. More recent I also started developing websites. Show
Jack of all trades. HW, software, RF, Test engineer.Get re done! Show
Jack of all trades. HW, software, RF, Test engineer.Get re done! Show
I have been suffering at step 0 of working through your book. But I have read the book when it first came out. Show
- Show
I started working as a firmware engineer 2 years ago and have learned most of what I know through work. I do have an MS in Computer Engineer but I feel I learn the most through actually doing.I've been the first firmware engineer at both the companies that I've worked for and have been responsible for setting up the infrastructure for firmware development Show
I've been a software developer for 8 years now, but I think my test skills are somehow deficient since this is something that's usually "weak" in companies (lot of effort in developing, little effort on testing) Show
I am from IOT department and working as a Test engineer. Show
I taught myself to code when I was young in order to modify video games. I studied Electrical Engineering in college with very little software instruction, but my career has taken me in the direction of software leadership. I have continued to self-teach in an effort to learn and establish the best possible practices for my team. Show
I've been working on safety critical optical sensors for industrial applications for the last 16 years, so always looking to improve SW quality. Show
I work remote, I am learning to improve productivity. I work solo, learning to leverage teamwork. Show
I havent worked on C extensively. But would like to learn test driven development in C Show
I am good with C/C++ not with C++11/4/7. Show
I like to spend time reading. I love to continue learning / strengthening my programming skills by doing side projects with the raspberry pi on my free time (some HackerRank challenges are fun too). Show
I've always approached software from a Mathematics perspective, but that was only from the design standpoint. I'd heard of unit-testing years ago but didn't know much about it. Recently, I've inherited a legacy project and decided that my only way to get through this was to bring it all under test. I bought and read Grenning's TDD book over vacation (so I didn't do the exercises really) but the process of TDD as presented clicked with me. It seems like I was doing Math without proofs if I don't do TDD. Another thing I am adopting that I am very excited about is the QP Framework by Miro Samek. Show
_ Show
We do Agile in a Waterfall world. TDD is looked down upon by my boss. Show
Embedded software engineer for 7 years, like to snowboard, climb and mountain bike. Show
I have worked on developing data networking protocols for organizations such as Alcatel-Lucent, Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems. Show
embedded engineer, HW and SW development Show
Developed firmware for many instruments. Show
Mixed hardware - software engineer. Want to become more professional in software development Show
Most comfortable in Windows. Show
I studied Electronic Engineering in England before moving to Germany to begin work as a Field Application Engineer. I then changed my role to become Embedded Software Developer for the same company. In my spare time I enjoy running, cycling and skiing. Show
I play bridge :) Show
Hikes, nature, workout, football Show
Signal processing, programming is secondary to me Show
I'm working mostly with prototyping and support, not "production" code. Show
Love technology and especially the combination of SW and HW. Father of 2 boys, married. Show
I am a curious person. Show
Using C/C++ for 4-5 years, never considered myself a C++ or C programmer, but ended up liking it. Show
Not much experience writing tests: that has never been a priority in all the companies i worked for. Show
- Show
i feel behind on the whole TDD/BDD movement (last company was not so progressive) and am eager to dive in. From what little i've experimented with, I have liked cucumber/BDD in that it seems to be low touch. Show
I work remotely from NH. I am married with two boys (5 and 3). Show
Mr. Spock's brother Show
... Show
I live in Maryland Show
I'm doing what I've always wanted to do: develop challenging software. I've worked for companies large and small, from GE, Microsoft and Siemens to startups like NuMega and Reflectant that got acquired. I was an independent contractor for more than a decade before I joined Carbon Black. I've been here longer than any company I've worked for. Show
Favorite pastimes include hiking and baking Show
I'm a Software Developer in test, used to do C, have been a diagnostic engineer and a verification engineer for *big* integrated circuits. Show
I don't have much coding experience outside of school. I have a EE degree, but took two coding classes and did a senior project that was primarily code-based (wrote everything in C). Show
I like static type systems and compilers. Show
I am mostly involved embedded and real time system in my current and previous jobs. aware of testing oriented software develop procedure/tool is very important for development for its efficient and debug purposes. Show
My B.S. degree is in applied physics, and I am currently pursuing a M.S.E.E Show
I like to play music (piano and guitar) in my spare time. Show
Long history of building embedded systems. Automated test machine software for anything from automatic transmission to fuel pumps and fuel injectors in hazardous conditions. (Class I Div I Group D) Show
My code is mainly focused on the testing of products under development. Show
I'm a systems/applications engineer for the company and I don't write a lot of code. I attended BYU, I am married with 2 great kids. Show
Formerly a coder building SaaS/cloud based solutions for eCommerce, RFP systems, and attendee management systems (hospitality meetings, events, and business travel). I spent ~10 years (mixed between developer and product) practicing Agile (Scrum) based development Show
I am a student at the University of Akron. Currently, I am working in Bird tech as a software intern. Show
I would rather be snowboarding than sitting in our uncomfortable conference room chairs. Show
Most of my career has been as a HW engineer Show
-- Show
My first 10 years were lived in the Philippines.I am a musician, a cyclist, and a amateur photographer. Show
Current main responsibilities - problem solver, debugger. Show
From a development perspective, I've grown accustomed to a "stone knives and bear skins" approach due to the lack of availability of tools and budget. So, I've learned to make due. Show
I like solving problems. Show
I build stuff with Arduinos as a hobby Show
I've been in QA for 10 years, and have been writing tests for firmware. We recently started writing unit tests, so I'm not hugely proficient, but know a little. Show
I'm a firmware engineer. Show
I have worked in both Windows and embedded environment. Show
I'm a firmware/software engineer Show
I have been in a lead role for a number of years, and do not currently do as much development as I have done in the past. Show
I am one of the architects of the entire system that we call 'Sirius'. I am primarily responsible for the underlying system infrastructure framework that spans across ThreadX (RTOS) and Linux (the main application OS). This includes system composition, startup, shutdown, IPCs, system memory management & performance, MFP system contention, OTA FW updates and device security. The rest of the application code relies on the framework layer to access various system services. Show
I work as Firmware integrator in my previously role. My primary duty is first level triage on issues and manage production release. It surprises me how many defects are made by developer as if they never test their own code. Show
I like to ski Show
I love motocross and mountain biking, and so do my kids. We spend time riding, and the kids race. Show
In my free time, I make computer-generated art. You can see my work here: Show
I am an electrical engineer. I am a graduate of UCSB. Show
I primarily do manufacturing testing Show
I like turtles Show
I love the outdoors! Show
Software QA engineer focusing on embedded testing. Show
Software engineer working on broad range of systems. Show
I was a primary contributor for years, now I am more of a manager. I don't do a lot of programming anymore. Show
Old dad, young kids Show
I'm also the scrum master for the team Show
N/A Show
- Show
I'm really excited for the course Show
No thanks. Show
I worked in QA prior to dev position Show
N/A Show
Currently moving from test/QA automation role -> developer. This my first job out of college and I'm new to the development role in general. Show
I like to go kayaking and saltwater fishing. Show
I was an EE major Show
I like basketball and NBA. Show
I am a senior at the University of Rhode Island. I am currently part time at Zebra as I am finishing my degree. Show
I enjoy skiing and volleyball Show
I am fascinated by video game development and the underlying algorithms/systems. Show
Currently a Master's student Show
N/A Show
I manage a team of 6 developers. Show
I bike. Show
- Show
My favorite part about work meetings is the food. Show
I wrote a 5-card draw poker application in APL on an IBM 1130 and a Hangman CList on an IBM370. Show
I like working here. I'm from San Diego. Show
i don;t know what to put here Show
I value my privacy when it comes to technology. Show
No Show
I feel as though I do not abide by best practices/industry standards while programming at this company Show
Professionally, I am a Certified LabVIEW Architect and a LabVIEW Champion. I primarily have worked on the test side of software development with an emphasis on automation. I also have extensive networking background. Show
My primary focus at Zebra is testing software. However, my main coding hobby is creating Alexa (Amazon Echo) skills. Show
NA Show
Less than a year out of college Show
I am a person with big curiousity. This curiosity is directed to many different topics like the nature, hiking, reading books or having a good conversation (yes, that is very Spanish :)). I have a in Master in Physics and also in Electronics. Show
Currently hold all NC state power lifting records for USPA Masters Mens SHW. Show
On my spare time I like to play board games with my friends. Show
I started getting into Hydroponics. Show
I'm tall, 1.90m and have a great sense of humor :) Show
I recently switched from Games development to Embedded. Also last week I moved into the House I renovated from groud up myself. If I'm not busy building in either profession I like all kind of mountain sports. Show
Mainly lowlevel prograqmmer (uC, drivers etc) and HW designer Show
I enjoy drawing and play the guitar Show
I enjoy playing/watching baseball Show
No Show
Love ethnic food Show
I am married with 3 kids. I've been developing software professionally since 1984. Show
Someone who wants to write as well. Show
Duck Tales > Star Trek Show
advocate of classical education Show
I am a Junior in College Show
experienced engineer Show
I'm old Show
Nearing retirement! Show
I like turtles Show
I like beer. Show
I'm an EE who stumbled into programming while in college. Show
Test Show
I'm a Christian, Married, 4 kids (Allison 23, Erin 21, Megan 19, Kevin 16) Show
i hate cold weather Show
I enjoy snowboarding in the winter time and I live in Baltimore, may pursue an MBA in the near future. Show
I dislike survey questions which break anonymity. Show
I learned to code with True BASIC Show
I am programmer and worked on different products that run on windows environment and developing software with C#, SQL server, javascript Show
Driven, big picture mentality, system oriented Show
I like to cook and garden. Show
I was a competitive water skier in college. Show
Always trying new things and looking for ways to improve myself. Show
Myself and the firmware discipline within our company have slowly migrated from electrical hardware to the Software group. If I'm not with family or in at a church function, I'm probably working on my house (which I suppose makes it my unintended hobby). Show
I have a 6 year-old daughter, so spend most of my time outside of work with her. My wife runs a photography business, so I get to be involved in her creative process and running of her business. Show
I am working at Phoenix Contact in process automation field. I worked on a small industrial PLC development for a number of years before... Show
Nothing interesting Show
I want to understand how TDD is a programming technique and the levels. As I have been doing unit testing in embedded software development, I am looking forward to learning how I can build a test framework which keeps scaling as the product's software design matures. Show
Seasoned embedded software developer who wants to learn more. Show
Medical device software development with a electrical test background. Show
Manager role, I am curious to learn how to use Agile for embedded systems Show
I manage the embedded systems group at Raymond Corporation. We are owned by Toyota. Show
SW developer with background in customer support of ARM-Cortex-M devices. Now leading small team. Show
I'm 38, father of 2 children, passionate by the connected world, I used to work on Bluetooth low energy product since 2010. Show
Junior embedded dev in watch manufacturer company Bachelor degree in embedded and automated systems Master degree in embedded systems Show
Junior embedded dev in watch manufacturer company Bachelor degree in embedded and automated systems Show
confidental Show
Embedded dev in watch manufacturer company Bachelor degree in embedded and automated systems In love with Python, always looking for a new script to write. 2nd most ancient team member although it's my first job and I've got my degree only 3 years ago. Show
. Show
I like fun and good cuisine :) Show
I am working mostly on modules used for exchanging information over Bluetooth Low Energy. Show
Interested to learn about TDD Show
I am currently a student at BFH (Biel) and I work by ETA SA part-time. By ETA SA, I mainly do tests on C code, using Ceedling Show
I like to do work with care. Show
I have been in the medical device software arena for over 13 years, so I have a good grasp on software in a safety critical, regulated environment. Show
I manage the group, and don't develop anymore. Received my masters in Software Engineering in 2007 and am now helping to drive best practices in my organization. Show
I'm a father of three wonder kids, Grady (10), Gwyneth (3) and Griffin (1). We love the water and spend a lot of our time on the lake. Show
I graduated from the U of M one year ago. Show
Worked on both highly regulated and unregulated systems. Show
Programming in Smalltalk for about 10 years prior to coming to my current company Show
--- Show
Enjoy bicycling and watching soccer Show
I'm an amateur celebrity chef. I sort of like the Green Bay Packers. Show
I really like being outdoors to explore and see the incredible variety of scenery we have in Minnesota and other states I've been able to visit. Show
I am a Computer Engineering student from the University of Minnesota here on Co-op. I started 2 weeks ago. Show
I like food. Show
I have lovely blue eyes, though I expect that isn't what you where talking about. Show
I'm an electrical engineer by trade and have realized that aside from niche or specific dimensions most PCB design will become a commodity. I have shifted gears to focus more on software. Show
I'm an ex-Coastie who enjoys playing guitar and sailing, although I haven't been able to do much of that since my daughter was born 15 months ago. Show
I like gadgets and popular music Show
We've met before when I worked for a previous employer. A co-worker of mine and I had contacted you about Agile consulting, and you did a presentation to our management. I have also went through your TDD workshop at a Barr Group Defect Prevention training in Maryland several years ago. Show
I'm a co-op student from Auburn University where I'm majoring in Computer Engineering. I started at Neptune Technology Group about a month ago, and I'm currently on my first rotation with the company. Before starting here, I hadn't had much programming experience apart from an intro class to Java last semester, but I've already learned much in the short time that I've been here. Show
I like hiking and camping and reading. I'm a cat person, but I'm stuck with a Jack Russel Terror (spelling intentional) that came with the wife. :) Show
Working in the IGS Team, for just over a year now. Was in Enterprise Systems for 4 years before that, founding member of the Blue Data Management System team. That was Java. IGS is older code in C++, not written for easy unit testing, ie classes and methods that are huge and have cross domain responsibilities. Show
I have a cat. Show
After this year I'll have been to all 7 continents. Show
I am doing TDD and pair programming with a friend during my free time in Javascript. I am attending the Seattle Software Craftsman meetup. Show
Your form is more clever than I expected! Usually I can get away with putting a space in mandatory fields. Show
I enjoy coding 8-BIT AVR chips for fun; learned a lot for my current job by teaching myself outside the workplace. Aerospace engineer by study... fell into the software world and am trying to catch up. Show
I like to write and play music. Show
- Show
I work on/with a large variety of software packages. Some are impenetrable monoliths and some are small, well-tested libraries. Most of the code is something I am a victim of rather than something I designed. Show
army brat Show
I've really got a thing for old computers and retro technology in general. I write GameBoy music. Show
I like to build robots Show
I spent 20+ years in the set-top box industry. Show
I don't like to give out personal information to strangers. Show
Degrees in aerospace engineer but learned coding along the way. Switched a few years ago to be a dedicated developer. Show
I fly airplanes and compose electronic music. I have 2 kids and a wife. Show
I like games, sports, politics, other things. Show
I like coffee a lot Show
I like cake Show
Work on both embedded C and backend C++. Show
i play in a satanic pop-rock band Show
I've spent the bulk of my career building business systems and I'm a strong proponent of TDD. The last year I've been writing embedded C applications and I need to understand how the concepts fit into that domain. Show
I have a background in electronics and computer science. During my career I've done a bit of everything: designing PCB, developing apps and in the last 3 years I've specialized in programming embedded systems. Show
Take a look into my mails. Copy paste like I tried it is to long ;) Show
Learning accordion off and on Show
I work as a gardener at the Japanese Tea Garden in SF once a week. More than a programmer, I identify as a writer. I have a dog, and I try to walk 5+ miles a day with her. I cook a lot of food - lots of Thai, Vietnamese, French, Chinese (I'm *really* excited about my brand new German fermentation crock). Show
I graduated from UCF in May 2016. Go Knights! Show
I used to work as a Software Tester for the Xbox360 Kernel and in-field Software-Update. Show
a Show
#intern Show
I developed parallel simulation frameworks. Show
I don't have a compsci degree Show
I like coffee? Show
Extensive software development in assembler, C, C++, and C# for telephone switching systems, analog photofinishing systems, scanners, and medical instrumentation. I switched to teaching software engineering (full-time) 4 years ago. I have an MSEE and a BS in Physics. Show
Degree B.S. EET Was Controls Engineer for 20+ years and moving into firmware now Show
We are mainly interested in the Embedded aspects of TDD. How do we test stuff that is cross-compiled? Do we need to create a hardware "simulator" for the tested application? Show
I enjoy being outside and biking quite a bit Show
Cubs fan and grew up in Chicago area. Show
Electrical engineer by schooling. Show
I am a new, but huge fan of TDD. Show
I love roller skating and have been coaching/reffing roller derby for ~7 years Show
I like photography and reading. Show
- Show
Developed RFID readers used for access to buildings/car-parks but also reading e-Passports. Protocol conversions are not my favorite but i did quite a lot of those. Using firmware to control and act upon hardware is what I like the most in my job. I think programming language RUST might be the first serious candidate to be used for Embedded firmware development after C and assembly. Show
- Show
Not really an embedded dev Show
I have a passion for software and like to read up on coding / articles on (best) practices, pieces of code or for instance our TIOBE toolkit. Even though I decided to leave programming to the real proffesionals I do like it alot. Show
- Show
I am 41 years old, having electronics and software as a hobby. Also playing footbal, etc Show
I like fennel probably the most in the entire world Show
I am DSP algorithm developer Show
I am an experienced embedded software engineer Show
Embedded Software Engineer with experience in the consumer electronics and automotive markets. Show
Embedded programmer Show
I started my career as a test engineer, testing device drivers and firmware. Show
I've done development for microcontrollers and 8bit/32bit systems for almost all of my professional career Show
I've done development for microcontrollers and 8bit/32bit systems for almost all of my professional career Show
like writing and architecting/designing code Show
Worked in Brazil for 12 years, moved to the UK last year. Worked with firmware development and software development for embedded devices mostly, also worked with a consultant for enterprise software deployment and automated testing long time ago. Show
Started my career in a start up building bluetooth smart mouth guards. Train for American Ninja warrior in my free time. Show
I'm a software developer with 6 years of experience. Show
I used to work in a company that manufactures FM radio equipment and digital audio processors. In there, I developed embedded code (freeRTOS style OS) and later on I moved onto DSP development (Sharc floating point). I worked there for about 5 years and then moved to my current company where I focus on DSP and the FW side of it, all around fixed point. Show
I am a ARM SoC firmware engineer, focused primarily on USB-centered product. I also spent about 7 years living in China. Show
I'm the first SW hire, the knows-everything and infrastructure guy Show
I enjoy rock climbing. Show
No thanks. Show
Though I involve myself as heavily as possible at the architect design level, I primarily work on the display level. Utilizing Open GL (one variant or another). Show
I get flustered with not knowing how to do something correctly. For instance, use of mocks in cpputest versus test doubles, versus blah...the waters get a little muddied on what to do, and then I do something that often feels ugly and messy. Show
I'm the sole tester for all of software. Show
Not a SWE. I'm an EE. Show
If it doesn't fly, it doesn't matter. Show
I like rockclimbing Show
No Show
Like to solve challenging problems Show
I like Fishing and Traveling. Show
Like sports Show
I am very interested in secure design/coding. Show
NA Show
I have programmed for different environments and enjoy positive feedback from customers that use the software. Show
Love fishing Show
When I started I used fortran, and punch cards. I learned programming as an engineering major in the 70's. And later learned 6502 assembly on a Synertek SYM-1. I have a BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering, and MS in Computer Science. Show
Play bass and percussion. Love to play racquetball and baseball. Also love to surf and travel. Show
While blindly single-stepping instructions with no symbols on a new architecture at a new company, I once recognized that that the code had been compiled from C code that I had written 3 years previously. Show
Worked in the software security industry for 15 years, passionate about 'beautiful', expressive, code. I also like asynchronous and functional programming. Show
no thanks Show
Background is mostly embedded and device drivers Show
Recent college hire - up until this point I've been working primarily with the automation framework, but will begin transitioning into more development work in the coming months. Show
I am a cross-platform software engineer with a wide range of experience, but one who prefers writing code at the system level. Show
I live in Portland, OR Show
I'm currently an automation engineer, but also have many years of experience as a developer (writing primarily C code in more recent years). Show
interested in system performance test, software/hardware integration test Show
I quickly start automating my tests, often times before writing the test completely Show
Worked mostly in the DOD doing military simulation software. Show
Like C,C# and python Show
A junior firmware engineer Show
Have a passion for IoT, embedded system Show
good at testing skills, dev skills is just medium Show
Firmware engineer, eager to learn Show
I'm an embedded engineer Show
I'm working in firmware research team which responsibles for building new platform, architecture for new product and bring up new hardware devices. Show
Passionate embedded engineer turns into project manager :) Show
FW engineer. Focussing in R&D. My main responsibility are investigating and implementing new feature for our product. Show
Love programming as I can spend a whole day to writing code Show
My name Trung, I'm computer engineering. I have been working over 4 years Show
N/A Show
I'm Android developer Show
I'm knew to the world of C++ testing. Haven't written C++ since college. Show
I'm trained as a scientist, but have moved over to the hardware and software development side of research. Show
. Show
Went to school for electrical engineering, but found towards the end of school that I liked programming more than the core EE coursework and enjoyed the programming work I intermittently got to do on co-op, so after my first job, wanted to transition to embedded programming. Show
Though I am currently writing software, my training is in Mechanical Engineering. Programming skills have always complimented other job responsibilities Show
family: wife, 2 kids, puppy hobbies: video games, sports, LEGO Show
I like to laugh. Show
I like skiing Show
My background isn't in embedded software. Show
I do not like warm drinks. Show
I'm relatively new to C++ or modern C++. TDD is very new to me. I'm looking forward to learning modern software development techniques in this training. Show
Most of the code I have developed has been from deeply embedded applications, frequently with no OS. Show
I've worked as a consultant for over 14 years. I have also worked in Agile development environments. One crucial thing I've learned is that if management is not attending Agile training, they haven't bought into Agile entirely which can make or break Agile. Show
I am from a embedded hardware background. Mostly trained and experienced on bare metal developments. I don't have extensive experience in test driven environments. However I really like the approach of using structured, managed processes in project life cycles whether from development point of view or from programming point of view. Show
I am a software manager with a strong background in programming in embedded systems Show
I'm the one with a ratty beard Show
Musician Show
Love camping. Volunteer surf life saver. Show
Sole embedded software engineer of a small start-up (6 people). I will be inheriting firmware responsibility, of a prototype and initial product, from my CTO and would like to apply some process to keep legacy code working, and new code clean and tested. Show
I started my career as an electrical engineer, but was quickly turned to the dark side of The Force. Show
Most of my work currently involves wireless communication stacks. Show
I play the drums Show
I'm 44 years old, married, and have two kids. I will try to do this course from home and hope this will work somehow. Show
I would prefer not to Show
Primary responsibility is to build higly reliable, scalable, flexible software solution (tools) to test our main product. Show
I have been in academia for more than 10 years - working in small-scale and independent framework. Show
- Show
Although I have been programming for quite a while, this is my first experience of agile software development. My programming experience so far has been primarily during my academic years. Show
I enjoy all sorts of sports. Performing not watching. Show
wannabe renaissance man, self appointed sw architect in my team. Show
I have mostly a background as verification and fault tracing engineer. Not so much SW development. Show
Requriement and systems engineer for many years, decided to convert to software development and now think I should have done that a long time ago ;-) Show
I've been working in the company for almost three years, started immediately after university. Now I'm Scrum Master for one of the development teams and I try to combine Scrum Mastering and development/testing. Outside of work I hang out with friends, exercise, go to pubquizzes and have a passion for 70s progressive rock. Show
I'm excited to attend this training Show
interested in SW development, like to realize algorithms into code lines Show
Have more than 10 years of experience in the field of embedded systems as a developer for 3 years and as a tester for the rest. Show
Is scrum master in my team. Show
I went back into software development 3 years ago after I realized I want to know what is done on lower levels. I was product owner and project manager before that, but got stressed out as I found it hard to influence the end results and I felt out of control. Show
I like to hike and play guitar. I have 4 teenagers and a wife. Show
I love embedded systems, and I write for the blog. Show
Embedded software engineer mainly done development in C. Show
I am currently working my way through the "TDD for Embedded C" book. I want to learn more about how we can use TDD to streamline our regression testing process. I would like to know more about embedded C++, so I'd appreciate recommendations you have for good resources on the subject. Show
I love nature and hiking . When I am not on holiday I also love to learn new technologies because I like to change the world and improve the peoples life quality. Show
I am a Technical Leader. I am management rank on the technical ladder, so I rarely write code these days, but I guide and direct teams who do write code. Show
I like to bowl and golf Show
Do Model Based Design Show
I enjoy family, friends, church, outdoor activities, food and beverages. I enjoy my job and the people I work with, life is good! Show
I'm a Windows Systems Programmer. Show
I've performed in musical theater. Show
I enjoy skiing Show
I enjoy spending time with my kids, going to breweries, and hiking/camping. Show
I've got a commercial level espresso bar at home. Show
. Show
developer. I can not speak English very well. Show
.. Show
I'm leader of small part developing interface of media functionality of webOS. I haven't written any code for about 5 years, but scored on code review of my part members. Currently my major role is defining requirements, breaking them to proper size, and defining interfaces between SW components. Show
I cannot speak English well. Show
. Show
I've recently moved embedded linux system to WEB back-end field. and I love developing SW. Since I took an advanced SDET(SW Develope Engineer in Test) courses 2 years ago, I've got interested in Testing and SW Quality and good design pratices(TDD, Refactoring, DesignPatterns etc.) In the class, I'd like to learn not only something in your book but also your experiences and SW developer life in other country. I was impressed by your book. Show
I havn't been developpted C++ for a long times. So I worry about catching your C++ cource. Show
I am interested in automation test. Show
nothing Show
.. Show
system software developer Show
I want to know how to code and review well. Show
Not full-time software developer Show
I ride motorcycles Show
I enjoy playing soccer Show
I graduated from MSOE with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I either play or referee soccer consistently year round. Show
I am a big time sports fan. Show
Yup. Show
Entry-level Software Engineer with a strong background in the .NET framework. Former Air-Traffic Communications and Landing Systems Technician (ATCALS/RAWS/Electronics Technician) with the United States Air Force. Show
Role is now primarily managerial Show
I like roller coasters Show
I did not go to school to become a programmer. I got into it trying to make an application that served a useful purpose for my employer. Show
I am a Jr software engineer for Lionel, I do the production code for model trains. Show
I lead a team that is responsible for teaching new hires TDD. Our division is making a shift to embedded development and we are considering how to retool the development teams. Show
I've enjoyed computers and software development since I started to learn about both. I enjoy acquiring knowledge about both topics, but the real satisfaction comes when the consumers of the software see their problems go away or become easier to deal with. Show
Pinball collector and enthusiast Show
I have been self-employed for 6 years. I was the architect and lead developer for an in-vehicle infotainment system, for the driver terminals of a forage harvester and of a sugar beet harvester, and for a metal bender. I coach client teams in agile development, agile project management, unit testing, automated builds and tests. My favourite technology is the HMI and application framework Qt. I am still waiting for a customer who fully embraces testing. One customer explicity forbade me to write tests. Another customer said that with testing it would have taken double the time. I learned to ignore such "requests". I lived and worked in India, Norway and England - besides Germany, my home country. I am currently living in the South Eastern part of Bavaria - one hour East of Munich. I love hiking in the mountains, which I can see from my office and home. Show
Working as C/C++ developer for about 10 years. Have worked on client-server systems, control applications and HMI. Show
I have expertise in dSPACE HIL Environment and Tools Automation for Test scripts Show
I tried TDD after reading Kent Beck book but was not able to apply independently Show
I like listening old songs, watching movies. Show
I have completed my graduation in Electronics last year . I did my internship in KPIT itself. I have worked on many projects in college . I have published one research paper on "An Autonomous Tennis Ball Picking Robot"( I am good cricket player . Show
Working as Solution Architect and have almost 20 years of experience embedded hardware and software development in 8/32-bit processors, ARM processor, GPS/AGPS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth, Navigation, Handhelds, TCP/IP, HART, Wireless HART, EAVB, Automotive infotainment, C, C++, Assembly FW, RTOS and Linux environments, Automation Systems Show
Over 4.5 years of experience in a software engineering organisation with excellent working knowledge of C,C++ along with Automotive domain knowledge on linux platform. Show
I am currently Senior Embedded C developer at with Show
Junior engineer with 3 years of work experience. Show
I graduated from CMU last winter then joined the Zoox perception tracker team immediately after that. Show
I make the best bagels this side of the Mississippi Show
I have code running inside of people Show
Worked previously as an Aerodynamicist. Joined Zoox as a software engineer--slight career change. Show
I am a Research Enginner at Zoox, working in the Vision / Perception team. Show
I like working on performance critical code and would like it be a larger part of my day-to-day job Show
I like C++, especially the "modern" kind. Show
I like robots and trains. Show
I recently started making ice cream and it's very addicting. Show
I do other things after work Show
I am a robotics engineering graduate interested in solving robot localization and mapping problems. Show
Motorcycle touring - much of it in Europe Show
Your friendly neighborhood Robotics Engineer Show
When I grow up, I want to be Batman. Show
I like theoretical physics. Show
Software release engineer Show
Summer intern, C.S./neuroscience student at University of Chicago Show
Interests in woodworking, fitness. I feed stray neighborhood cats. Show
Embedded, systems and driver developer Show
I'm an Embedded Software Engineer developing firmware for Bluetooth Low Energy chips. Show
I am from Canada Show
I like biking, swimming, 3D printing and mechanical modeling, astronomy, violin, music, ... lots of hobbies! Show
Outdoor enthusiast. Show
I work for MSA. Show
I study foreign languages in my free time. Show
I maintain our company's CI/CD infrastructure and act as an adviser for other teams looking to get started with testing. Show
I enjoy reading, camping, and hiking Show
Plays with Linux and electronics design Show
Live in FL Show
I have worked on pacemakers, military communication devices, and now work at on peripherals at PlayStation Show
I've been programming for over 10 years now and enjoy fixing bugs and making improvements to code. Show
I've been an embedded engineer for almost 18 years, having worked in a very wide range of projects. I'm interested in all things embedded. Show
I'm a SW engineer with 10 years job experience who wrote first program ~25 years ago. I mostly used C/C++ but I had job experience with Java SE, Java EE, C# and Android programming. I use Python for scripting and in the past for data analysis. I learned LUA scripting addons for World of Warcraft videogame and now I use it for testing in my company. In the past I worked on LTE-Advanced, Ansaldo STS (now Hitachi) train on-board systems, machine-to-machine and intelligent transport systems, high frequency trading on FPGAs and now I do programming on wireless controllers. Although I worked in different domains, my job has mostly been design and implementation of communication protocols for constrained devices. Show
n/a Show
Compulsive Geek, when my family allows me Show
I'm a software engineer with ~14 years of experience in software development (mainly in multinational companies). I feel I can still improve my C skills a lot, hence my desire to attend this class. Show
I like new challenges and learning Show
C was the first programming language I learned. Show
Software engineer, Master degree in computer science. Worked in different domains aerospace, automotive, networking. Show
I started programming when internet wasn't existing and C was something new that just a few knew about it. Interesting to see how hardware and software evolved in just 30 years... Passionate also about automation, firmware and flying. Show
. Show
. Show
I like Fridays Show
A month and a half ago I graduated from my Master's studies and I joined the company. Show
I like programming Show
Studied computer and information science, worked mostly in smart metering sector, I have a background in testing (test automation). Spent a couple of years in UK working for company EDMI. I am excited with this course as I always wanted to do TDD and I hope this will be an opportunity to start with it. Show
I am from Malaga, Spain. I like climbing and swiming in the sea (not much in the UK though!!) and I am a pure SW guy. I have been playing with PCs since I was 14 or so and I tend to spend quite some time exploring Github/making side projects. Show
I'm mostly involved in system integration, build system, mostly cmake. I'm an internal promoter of unitesting and test/build automation. Show
. Show
I like work with computer and develop code. I started to develop/customize RIL system under Android for our modules and then became an system integrator for two branch of product. Now I'm developing part of code that will be used in all our platform. Show
I'm a Electronic Engineer working on Embedded systems from a long time (at driver and system level) Show
N/A Show
I do a bit of athletics in my spare time. Show
. Show
I ride a bike and play chess (though not at the same time!) Show
Currently PHY firmware engineer Show
I am married, two kids and I enjoy writing embedded software, reading scifi and watching movies Show
I like classic cars. Show
Experience software engineer. I am good at running speed optimation, debugging. Show
- Show
I'm interested in biomedical devices/robotics. Show
Besides the two required intro C programming classes in EE undergrad, I'm a self taught programmer (like many embedded folks?). Show
I have two rescue dogs: a puggle and a lab mix. Show
Enjoy the mix of electrical and software skills used in embedded software development. Show
Am an electrical engineer that does a lot of programming, mostly for signal processing and command and control. Show
I have some background in Machine Learning and Automated Testing, but my work is mainly focused on Firmware Development. Show
I work on embedded applications, and also data analysis software Show
no thanks Show
I am an electrical engineer by training and I sort of fell into software development out of necessity. Show
I'm starting training for managing a project. Also, I have a golden retriever/yellow lab mix. Show
Ok Show
I like experimenting with cooking and nutrition, and seeing its effects on exercise performance. Show
After / alongside my engineering career I want to be a professor. Show
I am an early career embedded software engineer who is motivated to learn more and become more effective in my role. Show
I had my first computer in 1988, when I was 9. It was an Amstrad CPC 6128. I started to write small programs in BASIC for it. Since then, programming has been one of my hobbies. Show
I've been working on developing safety related SW and as the developer could not test his own code other people was in charge of doing it. So I knew more or less how they did it but never created any test. Show
I have been developing embedded systems as a firmware development engineer (C and assembler) for 27 years. I have experience in firmware development and also in wireless communications, especially in GSM/GPRS. Show
I am a telecommunications engineer, I worked for 9 years in a research group at University of Deusto, part of it developing image processing software in Matlab, and the last 2 years programming applications for embedded systems. Recently I joined this company, and I'm enthusiastic to become and expert in embedded coding Show
I am a junior programmer and I am ready to learn better coding practices. Show
I am a junior programmer and predisposed to learn good code practices! :) Show
I've been programming for 21 years and I love it although nowadays I spend more time helping Junior programmer to grow and to do things in the right way or at least avoiding classical pitfalls. Show
I am a telecommunication engineer, working as a junior firmware engineer. At university and in my previous work I used to program FPGAs using VHDL. I have been programming smart meters since I joined this company. Show
I am very curious, always willing to learn new things that can make me grown, not only as an engineer, but also as a person. Show
I am a person who enjoys understanding every aspect of the technology. I like also sports but as I have very few free time I usually go to the gym. I try to be proactive and I never give up once a problem comes up. Show
I am an Electronics Engineer with a MSc. in Embedded Systems. When I was studying my degree I discovered my passion for programming and I found in Embedded Systems the perfect topic to do what I like without forgeting my background. Show
No thanks! Show
I always strive to write the best code for everyone Show
Embedded software engineer for a home appliance company. Fun Fact: Recently spent 6 months on an assignment in China living at our production facility. Show
Living near London, worked on industrial and defence projects, mainly on the realisation of Matlab code to embedded c, VHDL on FPGA. Show
Been in Embedded System Development since 1993, but started coding in 7th grade w/ BASIC. Was in Electronics Technology competitions in High School and won state VICA competition as a senior. Undergrad in 1993 from Auburn in Computer Engineering. Show
I like artificial intelligence, robotics, working out, and going outdoors Show
Fresh grad, just got my B.S. degree. All programming experience are from HW and projects. Show
I'm passionate about aviation and I love coding. I moved from Montreal, Canada to work at Dynon Avionics last year. Show
I'm a manager at TTI Show
Doing work based on Active Object based OS inspired by Miro Samek's work Show
I like coding and music Show
I did the layout/assembly/programming of an alarm clock for a class project that I'm a little too proud of (and I never implemented the actual alarm feature). Show
Lots of experience in software development. Eager to learn new stuff. Enthusiastic about my work. Show
I love to make things easier, more efficient and more fun. I like sharing my skills and knowledge and seeing people improve in all areas of life. Show
We write code both for embedded systems as well as code for communicating with these systems. The code integrates with headers/libraries, and is build using the compiler and toolchain supplied/endorsed by the vendor. The architecture of the code is usually composed of an abstraction layer covering the differences between the various platforms and an application layer that is (should be) neutral to the platform. Show
I've been doing electronics for 38 years and I have three degrees in EE Show
Looking for improving my software skills. Show
I have been involved with the algorithm team in my company and I hope someday that I will be competent enough not only to develop software, but to be involved in the algorithm development too. Show
Doing embedded SW in a real world with users, step motors, mechanics and other things, which imposes a lot of challenges. I Live North of Copenhagen in small village with my wife and two kids (8,10). Rides mountainbike and is chairman of Trailbuilding group Show
I have been a mainframe programmer for a long time before my current job, so I'm used to working with a tool chain that is a couple of decades less "modern" than what most developers are used to. I'm also used to having to spend a substantial amount of time, making very different systems talk to each other. Show
I don't really consider myself a C programmer. My first curly-brace language was C++, which I programmed in for many years. I've never needed to build a system in C from scratch, and usually reach for C++ if that's an option. Show
I work with autonomous underwater vehicles to support oceanographic science. Show
I had a TRS-80 and an apple IIe as a kid. Designed/programmed a medical claims entry system using the PCjr. Wrote a children's animated ABCs for the C64. All that was decades ago. Gave up programming to become a mechanical engineer, which I enjoy. 3 years ago I stepped back, part time, into the programming role. Show
I wrote my first embedded application on a basic stamp module when I was 14. 24 years later I'm still at it! Show
Wrote open source libraries and Contributor to Wireshark Show
Recent graduate from software engineering, looking to develop my technical skills in the workplace. Show
I enjoy collecting vinyl records and I belong to an Olympic weightlifting club. Show
EE degree, I am generalist (no specialization). I bounce around between tasks, so I am not writing firmware all time. Show
I have mostly worked in safety-critical medical device embedded software. My current project is mostly C++. Before this I was at Illumina, using C. I have an MS in CS from UCSD. My undergrad degree is in Bio-engineering however my first job inspired me to transition to SW development. Show
In the team the hardware/firmware guy so I also design the schematic and PCB. So coding is only one part of my work. Show
I worked 4 years on the embedded software for a stm32f4. Right now I am working for 6 months on a nrf52 based sensor platform. I have a degree in micro electronics engineering. Show
I live in San Diego Show
From Syracuse, NY. Avoiding snow by living in San Diego. Show
Friend of Bas and Craig. Rusty at coding. Established . Show
Embedded designer for lighting and now working on motorizes shade controls Show

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