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I have been working as an embedded software developer for almost one year, using Node.js and C. In my previous job, I designed PCBs and developed firmware for microcontrollers using C. Since my last job, I was looking for implementing agile in hardware projects; that's why I got interest on this training. Show
I am mainly an FPGA / ASIC / SOC and embedded systems design and verification engineer Show
I am an Embedded software Engineer started with TCP/IP stack in real time operating systems, then Wireless systems on microcontrollers. Last 10+ years working on SetTopBox software development in Linux OS with Mips and ARM architectures. My interests are Operating Systems, Networking, Security and Virtualisation. Show
Relatively new into programing, trying to learn the good habits and techniques Show
This is my first job outside of university where I studied Physics with Astrophysics. Show
Besides work I typically enjoy programming quad-copters and designing control systems. Show
I am a software developer. Most of my experience has been working on embedded C and very recently C++. Have worked for companies that develop middleware for set top boxes like Sky in Europe (similar to Comcast in US). Have spent a few years in-between as a fullstack integrator. Recently spending a lot time in interface designing type activities with the architects. Show
Finished MSc in Computer Science at Chalmers last year, been working as an embedded software engineer. I like playing video games and breaking them ;) Show
Scrum Master coming in from a Lean health administration background Show
Haven't done much programming the last few years. Starting to get more involved in it. Show
Ten years developing firmware. Five years developing hardware. I've spent the last five years as an engineering manager. I haven't spent much time programming over the last ten years. Evaluating this course for my team. Show
I teach XP practices to client. Show
I am originally a hardware engineer, turned software engineer to accomplish work tasks. Show
I enjoy the mountains of NM through mountain biking and skiing and my family (wife and 2 kids) keeps me busy. Show
I enjoy running, board games, and watching big 12 sports. Show
I am searching for the meaning of life. Show
Originally from New Jersey. Show
n/a Show
I like programming and learning Show
I still can't find my normal toilet paper. Show
this space intentionally left blank Show
enyoy playing ice hockey Show
I'm an early career EE. I have done a fair amount of circuit design and hands-on lab work. My new position is almost entirely embedded software focused. I definitely have a lot to learn, and would like to be able to work faster. Show
I also have experience doing FPGA and linux kernel module development. Show
I like mechanical keyboards Show
I started out doing embedded code in C and assembler. I do lots of analysis code in Matlab and desktop apps in C#. I'm now getting back into doing embedded code. Show
I have a collection of items from Pea Soup Andersen's restaurants/gift shops Show
I like gardening. Show
I like to cook. Italian cuisine is my favorite but I've been experimenting with French and Thai a bit. Show
i am an android developer working in Java but have worked in C++ bit while ago. I am doing some C++ work now for the last 3-6 months. Show
I have been a developer all these years. Show
Prior to working here, I worked at a small Design of Experiments training company, writing statistical software. Show
Embedded designer for lighting and now working on motorizes shade controls Show
Friend of Bas and Craig. Rusty at coding. Established . Show
From Syracuse, NY. Avoiding snow by living in San Diego. Show
I live in San Diego Show
I worked 4 years on the embedded software for a stm32f4. Right now I am working for 6 months on a nrf52 based sensor platform. I have a degree in micro electronics engineering. Show
In the team the hardware/firmware guy so I also design the schematic and PCB. So coding is only one part of my work. Show
I have mostly worked in safety-critical medical device embedded software. My current project is mostly C++. Before this I was at Illumina, using C. I have an MS in CS from UCSD. My undergrad degree is in Bio-engineering however my first job inspired me to transition to SW development. Show
EE degree, I am generalist (no specialization). I bounce around between tasks, so I am not writing firmware all time. Show
I enjoy collecting vinyl records and I belong to an Olympic weightlifting club. Show
Recent graduate from software engineering, looking to develop my technical skills in the workplace. Show
Wrote open source libraries and Contributor to Wireshark Show
I wrote my first embedded application on a basic stamp module when I was 14. 24 years later I'm still at it! Show
I had a TRS-80 and an apple IIe as a kid. Designed/programmed a medical claims entry system using the PCjr. Wrote a children's animated ABCs for the C64. All that was decades ago. Gave up programming to become a mechanical engineer, which I enjoy. 3 years ago I stepped back, part time, into the programming role. Show
I work with autonomous underwater vehicles to support oceanographic science. Show
I don't really consider myself a C programmer. My first curly-brace language was C++, which I programmed in for many years. I've never needed to build a system in C from scratch, and usually reach for C++ if that's an option. Show
I have been a mainframe programmer for a long time before my current job, so I'm used to working with a tool chain that is a couple of decades less "modern" than what most developers are used to. I'm also used to having to spend a substantial amount of time, making very different systems talk to each other. Show
Doing embedded SW in a real world with users, step motors, mechanics and other things, which imposes a lot of challenges. I Live North of Copenhagen in small village with my wife and two kids (8,10). Rides mountainbike and is chairman of Trailbuilding group Show
I have been involved with the algorithm team in my company and I hope someday that I will be competent enough not only to develop software, but to be involved in the algorithm development too. Show
Looking for improving my software skills. Show
I've been doing electronics for 38 years and I have three degrees in EE Show
We write code both for embedded systems as well as code for communicating with these systems. The code integrates with headers/libraries, and is build using the compiler and toolchain supplied/endorsed by the vendor. The architecture of the code is usually composed of an abstraction layer covering the differences between the various platforms and an application layer that is (should be) neutral to the platform. Show
I love to make things easier, more efficient and more fun. I like sharing my skills and knowledge and seeing people improve in all areas of life. Show
Lots of experience in software development. Eager to learn new stuff. Enthusiastic about my work. Show
I did the layout/assembly/programming of an alarm clock for a class project that I'm a little too proud of (and I never implemented the actual alarm feature). Show
I like coding and music Show
Doing work based on Active Object based OS inspired by Miro Samek's work Show
I'm a manager at TTI Show
I'm passionate about aviation and I love coding. I moved from Montreal, Canada to work at Dynon Avionics last year. Show
Fresh grad, just got my B.S. degree. All programming experience are from HW and projects. Show
I like artificial intelligence, robotics, working out, and going outdoors Show
Been in Embedded System Development since 1993, but started coding in 7th grade w/ BASIC. Was in Electronics Technology competitions in High School and won state VICA competition as a senior. Undergrad in 1993 from Auburn in Computer Engineering. Show
Living near London, worked on industrial and defence projects, mainly on the realisation of Matlab code to embedded c, VHDL on FPGA. Show
Embedded software engineer for a home appliance company. Fun Fact: Recently spent 6 months on an assignment in China living at our production facility. Show
I always strive to write the best code for everyone Show
No thanks! Show
I am an Electronics Engineer with a MSc. in Embedded Systems. When I was studying my degree I discovered my passion for programming and I found in Embedded Systems the perfect topic to do what I like without forgeting my background. Show
I am a person who enjoys understanding every aspect of the technology. I like also sports but as I have very few free time I usually go to the gym. I try to be proactive and I never give up once a problem comes up. Show
I am very curious, always willing to learn new things that can make me grown, not only as an engineer, but also as a person. Show
I am a telecommunication engineer, working as a junior firmware engineer. At university and in my previous work I used to program FPGAs using VHDL. I have been programming smart meters since I joined this company. Show
I've been programming for 21 years and I love it although nowadays I spend more time helping Junior programmer to grow and to do things in the right way or at least avoiding classical pitfalls. Show
I am a junior programmer and predisposed to learn good code practices! :) Show
I am a junior programmer and I am ready to learn better coding practices. Show
I am a telecommunications engineer, I worked for 9 years in a research group at University of Deusto, part of it developing image processing software in Matlab, and the last 2 years programming applications for embedded systems. Recently I joined this company, and I'm enthusiastic to become and expert in embedded coding Show
I have been developing embedded systems as a firmware development engineer (C and assembler) for 27 years. I have experience in firmware development and also in wireless communications, especially in GSM/GPRS. Show
I've been working on developing safety related SW and as the developer could not test his own code other people was in charge of doing it. So I knew more or less how they did it but never created any test. Show
I had my first computer in 1988, when I was 9. It was an Amstrad CPC 6128. I started to write small programs in BASIC for it. Since then, programming has been one of my hobbies. Show
I am an early career embedded software engineer who is motivated to learn more and become more effective in my role. Show
After / alongside my engineering career I want to be a professor. Show
I like experimenting with cooking and nutrition, and seeing its effects on exercise performance. Show
Ok Show
I'm starting training for managing a project. Also, I have a golden retriever/yellow lab mix. Show
I am an electrical engineer by training and I sort of fell into software development out of necessity. Show
no thanks Show
I work on embedded applications, and also data analysis software Show
I have some background in Machine Learning and Automated Testing, but my work is mainly focused on Firmware Development. Show
Am an electrical engineer that does a lot of programming, mostly for signal processing and command and control. Show
Enjoy the mix of electrical and software skills used in embedded software development. Show
I have two rescue dogs: a puggle and a lab mix. Show
Besides the two required intro C programming classes in EE undergrad, I'm a self taught programmer (like many embedded folks?). Show
I'm interested in biomedical devices/robotics. Show
- Show
Experience software engineer. I am good at running speed optimation, debugging. Show
I like classic cars. Show
I am married, two kids and I enjoy writing embedded software, reading scifi and watching movies Show
Currently PHY firmware engineer Show
I ride a bike and play chess (though not at the same time!) Show

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