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Passionate guy who likes solving problems Show
Inquisitive about the Impact of TDD Vs BDD in real world scenario. Aim to develope less buggy code with the use of techniques like TDD, DCSA, Valgrind, etc Show
- Show
I am an Engineer with SW development & Quality Professional. Main contribution is in delivering the SW for n/w domain (Telecom) and mostly embedded systems. Show
NA Show
I have majorly working on kernel drivers. Show
NA Show
I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science. I am currently working as Architect for a project which mostly has c,c++ code. Show
Working on Android for 6 years Show
Line Manager and Process Owner for Software Construction Show
System Performance, Systemd Show
I work in C++ Show
Interested to learn new ways of coding and also making it less bug-prone before testing. I usually did manual testing of code. I have started using UnitTest recently and I feel it's more time-consuming than implementing the actual features. Show
Embedded Software Engineer Show
Embedded Software Engineer Show
I manage the tuner domain in the automotive infotainment systems Show
A 25-year-old enthusiast who still wants to develop Show
I am c++ programmer especially interested in computer vision programming. Show
A cpp developer. I rate myself as an intermediate level. Show
I'm a photographer Show
I'm an associate engineer and have 2 years of industrial experience. In my time with Harman, I've worked on unit testing, satellite radio for Mercedes and now currently working on announcement feature in FM and DAB for Ford. Show
Hard work Show
I m a power electronics engineer primarily. I have transitioned into an embedded engineer's role over the past 6 years. Over the course of the last 6 years I have worked in air quality sensing, waste management and now z-wave Show
I love to learn embedded systems and electronics. Show
I've swum in the arctic ocean under the midnight sun :) Show
I just started my job 6 months ago from college so I'm trying to develop good habits! I read your book and loved it, so I want to start implementing it into how I work. Show
Have spent the majority of my career in embedded systems - medical devices, automotive and data communications. Show
Interested to learn more about this Show
Married with a cat and a dog. Powerlifter in my free time. Show
embedded software programming Show
I have been developing on embedded systems & protocols nearly my entire career. I really enjoy it. Show
I have been developing on embedded systems & protocols nearly my entire career. I've been so focused on work the last 10+ years and been surprised by Git, DevOps, and Rust, e.g. I have some catching up to do - including with test frameworks and TDD. Show
I am your son Show
I used to develop device drivers using assembly language. Show
trying to do more with less code. Show
not sure what to say Show
I play rugby and even though I'm from the UK I have scored a try in the Big 10 league for Purdue! :) Show
from colombia Show
I enjoy running and playing chess. Show
Too vague here. Show
I feel comfortable working with embedded devices Show
Currently working with Telematcs devices which use embeded devices, but wish to transition to Embedded linux in the future. Currently studying masters in Electronics and Telecommunication Technologies and specializing in GNSS receivers. Show
I'm electronics and programming enthusiast. I like to solder and program in my free time. My passion is learning new technologies. Show
In my free time, I like to work with my hands (wood and masonry projects for hardscaping and landscaping) Show
I live in Hamilton, ON, Canada. I have a wife and 3 kids. I am a new programmer and work as an embedded SW designer. Show
Tinkerer first, software engineer second Show
Outside of my embedded day job, I like to work on mobile and cloud computing side projects. When I'm not programming I enjoy traveling and playing board games & video games. Show
I'm a stickler type safety and using the compiler as another tool to one's advantage. It's not just a hurdle to overcome to get your code running. Show
I have been doing embedded and application level development in industry for 10 years. Show
Think of myself as programmer of scientific instrumentation. (20 years) More of an Agile/Scrum trainer these days, wanting to get back to more programming again. Want to apply it to eco sustainability challenges. Show
Former Naval Officer, 23 years in software industry Show
Taking a risk-based approach to developing device software reminds me of previous experience mountaineering. I also find that association amusing. Show
I really enjoy music - both listening and recording. Since I also like writing programs for embedded systems, I have written a program for a Raspberry Pi that will rate the quality of a vinyl record on a scale of 1-10. I sometimes enjoy writing python scripts that generate music that only a computer could reproduce, but the music generated is never good. Show
I love to learn, I'm always reading to improve my practice Show
I was educated as an electrical engineer and learned programming along the way as a necessity. Show
I have spent the last 17 years working as a Sales Engineer where my programming duties were 1/4 of my workload mostly centered around developing SW to automate testing of HW, creating demo/POC applications to reveal ROI of business use cases for HW/SW solutions, and creating demos for development teams. Recently I accepted a position with Engineering as a full-time Firmware/Software Engineer, this recent move will allow me to build upon the basic programming experiences that I have had to date. So some concepts of this course will be new to me and I am eager to jump in and learn. I have a BS in Computer/Science and Engineering. Show
I was in web development using C# and JS for 2 years before moving to embedded systems development Show
I studied electrical engineering and worked as a hardware developer for 7 years before starting software development. Show
I really know what a stackpointer is and what an interrupt is. Show
My programming focus is on hardware related stuff of embedded systems, mainly audio. Show
? Show
I'm the only one within my software department who doesn't work at the software inside our products. Instead I'm responsible for more or less everything else. These are of course external drivers to access our products but also factoring tools, test tools, adminstration tools etc.. Show
I am doing a survey right now :) Show
protocol stack developmnet for cellular technologies 2G-4G, e-CAll development, LwM2M Show
I also work on open source Rust crates Show
I'm a relatively junior engineer and am interested in learning how to develop software more efficiently and cleanly. Show
i work in Ypsomed in the product development department. we are developing a insulin patch pump. i currently do not implement software anymore, as i have taken the role of the PO for the embedded SW. Show
i work in Ypsomed in the product development department. we are developing a insulin patch pump. i currently do not implement software anymore, as i have taken the role of the PO for the embedded SW. Show
I have started my career as a Hardware developer and decided to change to Embedded Linux device driver developer. After a year, I started to work with SoC (VHDL + Embedded Linux + C programming), where I spent 2 years. Nowadays I work mainly with C for embedded environments. Show
I like collaboration instead internal competition Show
I have a lovely Bengal cat who occasionally uses my legs as his scratching posts and my arms as his chew toys. Show
got into tdd (desktop, smalltalk) 20003 and it breathed new life into my career; ten years ago worked on an eXtreme programming team on smalltalk and c++ embedded linux, first exposure to TDD embedded linux. We used fitnesses. This is my first TDD bare metal time. Enjoying rust. Left C/C++ in the rear view mirror a decade ago, hoping I can pivot back to them in class, or pair in or use rust. Show
Experienced Embedded Software Engineer, Technology Translator and Woodworker Wannabe Show
university degree in computer science ~15 years ago. embedded software engineer in medical and space business. Show
I have worked before starting at Ypsomed as a working student at a Cyber Security Department. Where I have been working on the generation of generic IDS rules. I am working as a DevOps Engineer at Ypsomed. Show
I like the challenge of getting unit tests working in legacy code. I'm humbled that more programmers don't currently do TDD. Show
Started my career in SW industry as QA (4) then did MS and CS and worked as technical support engineer for a couple of years. R&D application engineer for last 6 years where I was using little bit of shell scripting while working on linux platform for network adapters. Role at GF is of verification engineer and where I have to automate tests using python and need to do database integration and use Github for CI-CD. Show
I like technology but i really enjoy unplugging Show
Im into paleontology Show
I have been in the SW industry for over 30 years. Mainly working on embedded systems in regulated environments. Most recently I was Head of R & D at Conduent CH, makers of Fare Collection Systems. My coding experience start in C++, then moved to Jave and then to C#. Most of my work over the past 10 years has focused on leading teams and driving organisations towards agility. I am a certified in SAFe, LeSS, Scrum. Currently at Ypsomed I lead a team of Embedded Software Engineers but most of my time is working as an Agile coach supporting the Agile Transformation. Show
55 years old / married / 2 children / electrical engineer / SW for telecommunication, automation, ATM, medical technology in the past / like reading and cooking / will become a ypsomed team member beginning of next month Show
I have worked before starting at Ypsomed as a working student at the Cyber Security Department at Siemens. Where I have been working on the generation of generic IDS rules. I am working as a DevOps Engineer at Ypsomed. Show
I am an Electrical Engineering graduate who shifted into Verification work and enjoys it more than what came before it. Programming was once a dreaded thing to practice but has become one of my favorite things to do. Show
Play Chess? Show
30 years old Swiss, who lives in Bern (Switzerland) and enjoys playing online chess. Show
I like riding bikes! Show
I have a background of mechantronics and electrical engineering, but during studies always focused on the "hardware/software interface". I don't have much experience of nice greenfield SW development (e.g. creating a SW Module from scratch). But I consider myself to have good debugging skills, as I worked in a very late stage project in the atuomotive area, where had a lot of bugs and little knowledge about the ideas behind different implementations. Show
I'm passionate about developing quality software, done "right" the first time so it can be used forever. What better way to save time than to reuse software you know you can trust? Show
I'm an embedded software engineer. I worked several years in with real time hard-constraint software for radio communication. I'm now working since 2.5 years in the medical field. Show
involved in instrumentation system testing, regression testing, R&D development prototype testing Show
I like PC games, strong lift training Show
I like to work with software close to the hardware. As a hobby project I have built some smart home gadgets that I control with OpenHAB. Show
I work on N-Tier client-server applications, including microservice architecture, Database integration via ORM Show
work closely with hardware, system and manufacturing to make the products friendly, reliably and meet customer's uses Show
I enjoy being active (hiking, running, golf), (re)learning to play guitar and travelling Show
N Show
I'm a softwaedeveloper with focus on algorithmic development Show
I'm a softwaedeveloper with focus on algorithmic development Show
. Show
Outside of work, I also enjoy writing software. I have recently started experimenting with the game programming. I hold the code written in my personal time to the same high stanadards that I hold the code written at work, and share many techniques and processes between the two. Working in different problem domains gives me new perspectives which can help me solve new problems. When I'm not writing software, I enjoy camping with my family, and snowboarding with my friends. Show