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hardware knowledge, FPGA, WHDL, DSP, Network processor. I worked for teklecom test equipment, medical, rails, big probe for telecom, embedded software Show
38yrs old Show
SW Engineer Show
Embedded software engineer Show
I think I do not fit well (technically not socially) into most large organizations I have been part of so far. I care about (good) deign. I care about unit testing. I care about TDD. I care about clean code. And I know a thing or two about the above (but I still learn a lot each day!) Usually I find very few likeminded collogues, and I find it very energy draining to "swim against the current" in terms of how code should be designed, tested and written and needing to see all the horrible code around me (there are good parts, but generally speaking), feeling helpless to make a change that makes a difference. Show
I am a BSP/SDK engineer but still also dedicated to production application code in C++, which is why I am interested in gaining information about writing testable code and testing of the code itself Show
Most of my contracts were about configuration and build management not about development. Show
What do you want to know? Show
Before I joined the company, I mainly developed C++ code in some research project. Currently I mainly develop the yocto project. Show
Clean code lover Show
During school, I was working on a private game server for >2k simultaneous players. The team consisted of around 20 people (8 developers and 12 gamemasters). We were adapting its c++ code and database to provide new features and events to the users. I was leading the dev team, planned and worked on low level stuff such as communication protocol between client and server, pathfinding and collision detection algorithms to improve interactions between the world and the users. This project lasted ~2.5yrs. After my studies, I went to the european spatial center in french guiana to work for the software maintenance of the ground segment operations. It mainly consisted of developping ADA procedures that check valves, temperatures, positions of the VEGA and Ariane 5 launchers and all the devices around. The validation was made separately by the ESA and ArianeGroup specifiers, running on the bench, and by specific devices. I worked there for 3.5yrs Show
I'm 39 old. I mainly come from the embbeded/firmware world. I was able to work on several projects for several companies but without having a real test process. I search ever to discover newer things. Show
I started my own business half a year ago and work as an independent contractor for various clients and projects Show
I have recently become hooked on playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Show
Currently pursing a masters in Georgia Tech Show
I like to learn new things. I like to improve my skills and find better ways of doing things. Show
Relatively new to team (8 months) Show
I'm a pilot Show
Picked up programming in college and have since highly enjoyed it. Play hockey on the side and enjoy spending time on the local lakes. Show
I love playing almost any sport. Show
I enjoy mushroom hunting, Jazz/Folk/Blues guitar, and baking. Show
I am primarily a lead Architect on most of my projects. Show
I work on relatively small embedded systems, electro-chemical sensor devices that measure different properties in liquids. Our team is currently switching over to RUST. Show
I want to become an expert in embedded safety and reliability. I want to have a sound understanding of how development practices affect safety/reliability outcomes. I also wish to become a part of the growing embedded Rust community, and learn how the language can be used as a tool for functional safety in complex embedded systems. Show
I love testing and refactoring! Show
I am a Firmware Engineer. I am very much interested in how to get quality code using TDD. Show
I'm an electrical engineer, so I generally hand off my hardware after designing it to our embedded folks. I have programmed my own hardware in C in the past and want to get back to bringing up my own boards. Show
Software development is my passion. In the past, I brought up serial codes for commercial products within an international development environment. Nowadays I am working together with many external partners. Show
I like hiking and camping in the California desert. Show
Controls engineer primarily Show
I'm the R&D Director and have been doing high-reliability embedded systems since the early 1990s. I joined the company 15 months ago and have been encouraging the team to shift into modern development practices, including TDD, Clean Code, CI/CD, etc... I've been using XP since 1999 (added Kanban at some point, moved from pairs to mobs recently.) I gave a talk at Software Craftsmanship North America 2017. Show
robotics and embedded software are very interesting, but I also like to get outside, away from desks and computers Show
Never give up Show
Just another one of the code monkeys at the keyboard. Show
I have masters degree in Software Engineering back in 1998. My passion in programming leads me along the way, and that is why I have stayed for many years as a Software Developer working in a team environment. Show
In the past have developed for Telecom switches and Data server Show
All Windows based - very little Linux experience. Show
Having only just graduated and started working afterwards left me inexperienced. I am considered new to C++ overall however I can manage to work with it. I am completely new to C and embedded systems as well. Show
i love learning new things and code and go to the gym Show
Into Scifi and currently enjoying season 2 of the Mandalorian. Show
I am a recently graduated computer engineer. In addition to my interest in embedded systems, I am also very interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Outside of engineering I love playing sports, and the outdoors. Show
I’m a sailor, a dog person, I’m married to Tracy we have no kids and hope to retire soon. Show
I studied electronic engineering first and then I got a PhD on robotics. So my education is not on software development. I studied FORTRAN, Assembler and Pascal during my master at the University. Then I studied by self-taught C and C++ and perfected it. Because of this history my C++ skills are not "canonical". My expertize area is on scientific programming and, in particular, in optimization of the code. Optimization is obtained choosing the fastest mathematical algorithms and parallelizing and vectorizing the code. Because of bad experiences in the past I have decided to take this course. I am now mostly working on a 1.8 Mb long code: and I just discovered TDD. I have to implement a testing for this code and learn how to use TDD when I will start to work an a new code. Show
N/A Show
I am currently working as a Scrum Master with some focus on technical excellence. I like practising TDD. Every now and then I try ATDD as well. Show
I am a recent graduate of UMBC, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Show
I Have more than 15 years of programming experience but I use the traditional method of debugging. Show
I enjoy programming and especially in the embedded context. It seems to me quite special to be able to program instruments and small devices. I am new to embedded programing and despite its initial challenges, what I have found most difficult is to organize a decent method of working within this domain. Show
Frustrated about bugs in my code, eager to learn about TDD paradigm. Show
I love writing code, I love Operating systems and system level programming. I'm very curios person and I like to understand everything is details. Show
- Have programmed for embedded, driver and middleware components for Android/Linux, Symbian and Windows platform primarily in C and C++. - Have written some unit tests using gtest along with custom mocks/gmock, component tests and system tests. - Like to improve testing skills to find better bugs and vulnerabilities Show
- Show
I am a new graduate hire. This is my first full time job as a software developer. Show
I see a trend that most mainstream programming languages are adopting functional programming features into their languages. I'm in the process of trying to learn more about functional programming and think it might be good to use in combination with TDD. Show
. Show
I am fairly new to Object oriented programming and part of a team which is tightly coupled with MS subsystem. I am part of protocol team as well which is predominantly client-server architecture both on the same machine as well as over the network with multiple components (named pipes, network socket, COM etc) Show
I prefer to follow a pragmatic approach to software engineering and development, exploration and experimentation. Show
Wes Montgomery is my favourite guitarist. Show
Probably the thing about me most pertinent to this training is that I largely work with what Michael Feathers refers to as a large legacy codebase. Show
We mainly use C++ at work, but this is my least used language used in school. A lot of our effort right now are expanding our unit test support, so I figured this would be a great opportunity to learn more about C++ and testing our code. Show
I'm a GNC software engineer, so my primary IDE is Matlab. I'm interested to see how what you teach transfers to that environment. Show
I'm a electronics and firmware engineer - I do a split of hardware and software work, the software stuff has come in more in the last 3 years. I also do quite a lot supporting DevOps activities in the teams. Show
Recently completed a 14-week intense full-stack coding bootcamp that focused on Front-End, Back-End and Database in Python/Django, C#/ASP.NET and MERN. Show
My company serves various retail industries in IoT. Earlier I worked for a German safety equipment manufacturing company to develop gas monitors for about 25 years. I enjoyed studying & using Humphrey's PSP there to gauge and improve my work quality. I've also enjoyed reading about TDD through your book. I used CppUTest on the job a couple of years ago for testing MSP430 C code, on target via a simulator. Show
Fan of open source. Show
I enjoy embedded development very much and am eager to take this course. Also spend my free time learning an instrument (guitar). Show
I love both cats and dogs! (Note: Working on incremental enhancements to a "legacy" system and with work that's ramping up - that's why the % of development activities below may seem really skewed). Show
I started my career doing mostly HDL but have moved now to mostly doing embedded software. I enjoy the faster turn around for software. Show
I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible Show
I'm a professional hypnotist and studying Hollywood level film production Show
I am a fresh graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with my Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering.I have been programming since i was in high school where i learned Java, but i have spent the majority of my coding carrerr working in C/C++ languages (which frankly i enjoy more anyways). Show
previously worked on real time embedded systems for defense avionics Show
Software Engineer Show
I enjoy reverse-engineering and troubleshooting Show
i like to play/watch basketball Show
In my day job got caught up in a role that is more project management or technical oversight early on and feel like I have not had a lot of hands on coding day to day to build the kind of skills I think I should have, so I feel a bit rusty. I try and do embedded system project on my own time to get a chance to do more embedded development. Show
Like hiking in the mountains and baking Show
Past experience included embedded software for large devices like routers as well as IOT with the IOT devices being my introduction to CppUTest. CppUTest is also used at my current job. Since I started this year I am spending more time writing code and less time debugging code on existing projects than usual. Show
Past experience included embedded software for large devices like routers as well as IOT with the IOT devices being my introduction to CppUTest. CppUTest is also used at my current job. Since I started this year I am spending more time writing code and less time debugging code on existing projects than usual. Show
Past experience included embedded software for large devices like routers as well as IOT with the IOT devices being my introduction to CppUTest. Neptune also uses CppUTest. Since I started at Neptune this year I am spending more time writing code and less time debugging code on existing projects than usual. Show
My current job is my first job out of college. I have done several co-ops in the past mostly related to hardware testing. During the first couple of years of college, I was initially more interested in hardware (PCB design, schematic design, etc) but found that working with software is much more interesting to me. This current job is my first job that is primary firmware/software work. Show
I have been working as an embedded software developer for almost one year, using Node.js and C. In my previous job, I designed PCBs and developed firmware for microcontrollers using C. Since my last job, I was looking for implementing agile in hardware projects; that's why I got interest on this training. Show
I am mainly an FPGA / ASIC / SOC and embedded systems design and verification engineer Show
I am an Embedded software Engineer started with TCP/IP stack in real time operating systems, then Wireless systems on microcontrollers. Last 10+ years working on SetTopBox software development in Linux OS with Mips and ARM architectures. My interests are Operating Systems, Networking, Security and Virtualisation. Show
Relatively new into programing, trying to learn the good habits and techniques Show
This is my first job outside of university where I studied Physics with Astrophysics. Show
Besides work I typically enjoy programming quad-copters and designing control systems. Show
I am a software developer. Most of my experience has been working on embedded C and very recently C++. Have worked for companies that develop middleware for set top boxes like Sky in Europe (similar to Comcast in US). Have spent a few years in-between as a fullstack integrator. Recently spending a lot time in interface designing type activities with the architects. Show
Finished MSc in Computer Science at Chalmers last year, been working as an embedded software engineer. I like playing video games and breaking them ;) Show
Scrum Master coming in from a Lean health administration background Show
Haven't done much programming the last few years. Starting to get more involved in it. Show
Ten years developing firmware. Five years developing hardware. I've spent the last five years as an engineering manager. I haven't spent much time programming over the last ten years. Evaluating this course for my team. Show
I teach XP practices to client. Show
I am originally a hardware engineer, turned software engineer to accomplish work tasks. Show
I enjoy the mountains of NM through mountain biking and skiing and my family (wife and 2 kids) keeps me busy. Show
I enjoy running, board games, and watching big 12 sports. Show
I am searching for the meaning of life. Show
Originally from New Jersey. Show
n/a Show

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