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Something else
Was a hobby programmer before going to school and getting this job. Still a hobby programmer. Show
I play video games as a hobby Show
I like to play video games. Show
I like Anime Show
I moved to California from New Jersey to take this job. Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I like playing piano Show
I don't like winter cause it's too cold for me. Show
I enjoy running and swimming Show
I like sports and video games. Show
I enjoy model building and gardening in my free time. Show
Always looking to continue learning new languages and always eager to be working on a development project to keep my skills fresh. Show
I love watching basketball Show
I love to challenge myself, in order to grow professionally. Show
I spent most of my youth playing World of Warcraft. Show
Joined the military out of High School. Show
N/A Show
My experience is with microcontrollers used in lab equipment. I have dealt with heaters controls, stepper motors, and state machines. I also used a number of comms such as RS232, RS485, USB, SPI, CAN and Ethernet. Also worked with Window Apps. Show
I am process minded individual who enjoys process improvement and achieving success in each project I am involved in. Show
Over 30 years experience in real-time embedded software development for automotive. ~20 years experience university teaching (adjunct): Embedded Systems, Software Engineering. Show
... Show
I've dabbled in programming since 96, but joined the Navy after highschool. I got my EE degree with a focus in embedded systems in 2016 from ODU. I've worked with anything from Electromechanical controls, to FPGAs and Fullstack development inbetween. Show
New software engineer here, very new to the embedded world, but eager to learn. Haven't done much coding yet, but am set to here soon Show
I'm a hardware EE that likes to dabble in software =) Show
I am working to get better at writing readable and reusable code. Show
I am a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati studying Computer Engineering. This is my first co-op/internship at Henny Penny, but my fourth co-op/internship overall. Show
- First born American in a Polish family - Currently work in Product Development Show
- First born American in a Polish family - Currently work in Product Development Show
i am electronics engineer working in embedded firmware development for past 4-5 years Show
I prefer to first approach problems at the strategic level rather than the tactical level... and I like reading and spending time outdoors. Show
Have some experience writing unit tests but this has always been for existing code. Show
I am an enthusiastic electronic engineer. I have been working with embedded systems design in academia and research environment, since 2016. Now, I am making a career transition to industry. Show
I have a dog name Kiwi. :) Show
Device driver developer, primarily on MS Windows OS, focused on storage stack. Show
I am a Passionate Embedded Engineer having immense love for electronics and coding. I have two years of work experience in Software development and mastered myself in C programming. Show
embedded engineer Show
I'm a master's student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Show
I am a Software Team Lead at Garmin Canada Show
I do not have that much experience with unit testing. I learned a bit about it in school, but there wasn't an emphasis on it, and we haven't had a huge emphasis on it at work either until recently. Show
Math background. Always want to improve programming skills. Show
I`m a HW fan, got into SW because I need my HW to work exactly I want. Show
I have been coding in c/c++ for few years, but I don't hav idea on TDD. So I need to explore now. Show
I've been wanting to get some form of testing integrated into my personal Android apps. Show
I like walking in the woods with my dog, road biking, mountain biking. I consider myself an advanced C++ designer/developer and am pretty good with Python. Show
Software engineer with Electrical Engineer background in communications and DSP. Show
NA Show
Not buzzword compliant Show
N/A Show
I am interested to see how classes I took on TDD in college can be applied to real-world application code and how to integrate testing into already existing code bases. Show
- Show
I don't know Show
. Show
I develop small application for production equipments Show
I have worked in various domains like Railway displays, automotive & Electrical domains. I used multiple programming languages during my previous experience like Embedded C, Python & VB.Net. Show
I studied electronic. At home I try to repair any sort of electronic device. In my free time I like running. Show
I have a golden retriever named after the Archer cartoon's main character, Archer Show
I am an early career firmware engineer. I am at my first first job, and am trying to develop good habits early. Show
Brazilian, Electrical engineer, Curious, Lazy sometimes Show
I like software development Show
Im fairly new so I do not have that much experience with test harnesses or testing in general. What I see is that tests tend to be down in the priority list for most people. So I look forward to learn a lot about TDD. Show
Since I joined the current company I am coding the UI 95% of the time. In a few weeks, I am going to start coding again in C/Cpp or Java for a new project. Show
An old dog eager to learn new tricks Show
I believe that writing software is engineering and not art, so let's apply all the tools available to make it better! Show
Currently working as R&D manager in IOT space mainly (smart metering) following project activities and supporting colleagues, sometimes I do programming (software and firmware) and electronics design Show
i have a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee Show
I'm Fernando from Milan. I've worked in the embedded system field for 5 years. Show
I have worked as an embedded software engineer for 3 years in the automotive industry. Looking to expand my knowledge in this field. Show
I like to learn Show
Hardware developer that helps out with firmware development. Show
Originally electronical engineer. Ended up in developing embedded software. Show
I am Hardware Development Engineer and code occasionally for prototyping the hardware. Show
Software Supervisor for software team in Valley Forge looking after both NPD and Sustaining activities. Work varies but averages 20-30% software design/coding. Show
I took a great TDD course over a decade ago, used to do TDD, now occasionally almost do TDD, but not regularly. Show
Originally a test engineer, then design engineer working with hardware, then joined this company and programmed in C#, then C and then Java and finally on Android for a year before becoming a manager type. Show
My current position is the first one that had an official build machine. In my previous positions release builds were made on developer's machines. Show
I am currently an Application Engineer with my company 10 credits away from my CS degree. I will be transitioning into the Software Dev team next year. Show
I like board games. Show
I'm from Texas and went to Colorado for school. I have two cats and they are my pride and joy. I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and do crafts. Show
Most experience in programming in C/C++ for Embedded systems. Started programming in C# about 1 year ago. Show
Strorage Domain Experience 8 years. Show
I am working as a firmware developer in storage industry from past 7+ years. Mainly worked in C language. Show
I hold a B. Tech degree in computer science. I have been embedded programming for almost 7 years as a professional. Show
The Application is supported for Multiple Operating systems like Windows,Linux,ESX . Same Code base. Show
I love listening songs Show
NA Show
I have been coding, debugging firmware for over 10 years.Before that i worked on UEFI drivers, and a linux drivers. Show
- Show
Having 5+ years of experience in embedded firmware/software development and debugging over Linux, RTOS or bare metal based platform for different microcontrollers. Always curious about solving problems using coding, its fun. Show
I enjoy learning new things. Show
I like to solve Puzzles. Show
Mostly working on firmware development but did some object storage software development too. Show