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Something else
I love being outdoors Show
. Show
I like pizza. Show
I am into amateur radio, maths and cryptography Show
Nah Show
Controls Engineer. Show
Software developer with great experience in the automotive industry. Show
I like golf and beer (hear you are on Untapped :)) Show
I'm also a musician, I enjoy running and the outdoors. I read a lot of books. I enjoy making hardware-firmware hobby projects in my spare time with micro-controllers and embedded linux systems. Show
All my experience is on embedded systems, worked with several micro-controllers such as PIC's, AVR's, etc. Main experience with DSP, energy management, motion control. Show
I've never written tests for my code beofre Show
Love to learn and ask questions. Show
n/a Show
. Show
Working as embedded software architect. Show
background in Firmware/Embedded. Show
I like dogs, games, and pancakes, in no particular order Show
~13 years of C experience at prior company; using C++ at new company with prior experience in grad school. Show
N/A Show
N/A Show
I like to read architecture and design books Show
Firmware engineer, looking to strengthen my skills in C++ Show
I am working as a SW architect and depending on the project, also develop components. Often analyzing issues with rare occurrences and develop test strategies for long term tests to find a solution. Show
My role was customization/support of protocol stack delivered from a supplier. Therefore I wasn't coding much in my current role, and I now perform the role of scrum master additionally. Show
engineer for telekommunication, but not for informatik, I got used to programming in the company for hardware related topics, like power saving, battery charging and the last year to support the audio functionality in our projects. Show
-- Show
Working since years in embedded software development mostly in hardware related areas. Show
i am working for HW related issues. Show
Since several your in specialized in hardware related software development. Show
I'm a specialist for hardware related software (Device Drivers in general, Interface Driver and Protocol (e.g. USB), Operating System) and system debugging (Multi-Core real-time debugging via JTAG, Post Mortem Analysis). Show
I'm an old man if you know what I mean ;-) Show
I hope you know me by how :) Show
I don't code much anymore - in management Show
Manager of HW/FW group Show
I've lived a number of places, NC, NW Jersey, Chicago, SLC, Fl, Madison Wi, pvt pilot, musician, Married with cats! Show
Optimistic developer - still believe my code should compile on first try and run without bugs the first time :-) Show
I really enjoy mountain biking. Show
My favorite color is green Show
I have worked in various coding environments during my career Show
I enjoy development and spend a lot of time looking up tutorials and attempting projects to expand my development knowledge at home. Show
I specialize mostly in embedded firmware but have written an app for iOS and Android. Show
I like to work on cars in my free time. Show
guitar player Show
Been writing code for 26 years and everyday I learn something new. Show
I did a lot of testing, our group is going to do some automation test in the near future. I did some programming, but not a lot. Show
worked with qa team to automate some of our testing environment. Show
Engineering manager, electrical engineer background, so most of my code is built around data analysis of test data and implementing rough drivers to validate electrical signals. Show
Started my career as a hardware engineer designing lock control circuit boards. I transitioned into firmware role 10 years ago developing c code for access control logic. Show
I like firmware development because I interact direclty with the hardware. I can see my code directly changing the state of physical devices. Show
i am a functional software manager and enjoy coding when i get the chance Show
Career focused on development. Company culture and career has not been so much focused on test in 'commerical' non-safety critical settings. Show
I am currently in a position where I no longer develop much code but I am a technical lead for embedded code development. Show
I am a Morehead State University graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science Show
I am not a robot. Show
I like to garden, lift weights. Show
I am an embedded systems engineer, my coding experience is primarily in developing hardware drivers for board support. Show
Married empty nester, 1 daughter Show
Programmer in many different platforms and languages of the years. The last 6 years, I have been a manager of other programmers. Show
I lead a group of SW engineers who are in charge of SW regression testing ( on application side). Hence my strong interest to understand TDD philosophy/methodology. I don't have any embedded background. Show
Debate and Commit. I only need to hear your opinion once. If you have nothing new to add, saying it again louder does not make you more right. Show
I enjoy camping and hiking. Show
I wanted to take this course so I can adopt TDD early in my career. Currently I don't have that skillset. Show
My development background is mostly in telecom field (cable boxes). Show
Since I'm 10, I've worked with my dad repairing cars, making cachaça and selling it in a bicycle. Then helped him making alembic used for distilling cachaça. Then I changed to programming, helped run an in-house internet provider. Always mostly self-taught with manuals. But I had to work so hard that made me forgot to study. also good books are pretty expensive here. All I learned was because some work required. I work in a small software-house with a POS software. Been there since 2005. Recently after a surgery recovery, I had some time so I've started to learn C because of your TDD for embedded C book. I bought it because of Uncle Bob's materials - where I came to know you. Fell in love with testing and clean code. Harbour, my main language, has it's roots in C. I can write C and assembly mixed with it. So I share many problems developers suffer with C. If I learn how to TDD in C, I might be able to do TDD, and SOLID in Harbour. At least improve vastly the code quality. Show
I started working at astrocast few month ago. Glad to finaly work in a company where software testing is part of the work and not saying, if the software have bugs, that means that the engineers are not good enough. I enjoy a lot working in embedded software and Linux environment. I hate using debuggers, having good tests avoid loosing time with debuggers. Show
MSc in Computer Science. Originally more of a C# developer (still actively developing with for non-embedded), dived into embedded software engineer for space systems 14 years ago for a CubeSat project. Show
I recently started a new job after working on FPGAs for the past several years. So I am working on getting my C skills back a little bit Show
I have most experience programming PIC microcontrollers and linux for arm chips. I also do some web programming with Python, and GUI development using QT. Show
I'm a mechanical engineer who develops systems for oceanographic research. I've done a lot of electrical engineering e.g., instrumentation, signal processing systems, autonomous platforms. I was dragged into the embedded software development world kicking and screaming about 10 or so years ago. I started off trying to figure out what the "best practices" were and was appalled at the range of so-called best practices. I've been trying to develop a disciplined approach to SW development ever since and am really hoping this class will help. Show
- Show
I am a big fan of Embbedded FM, which is how I know of you. When visiting California I met Elicia for stickers :) Show
I have 7 kids, former musician. My aspiration is to get deeper into technical coaching. Show
I love programming, as well as outdoor activities Show
I started my career as an embedded firmware tester, although I was isolated from the developers and only did unit and integration tests for the product. This gave me a bad taste for unit testing initially, because it was overly mechanical (just write tests to get full coverage). After changing jobs I read your TDD book and it made a lot of sense, and now I'm the "testing guy". I am a fairly careful/deliberate programmer, and I prefer to have a deeper understanding of what I am working on. I like studying new and different programming languages as a hobby (my latest interest has been Forth). I also like studying human languages (Esperanto, Spanish, Mandarin,...) Show
I did a 6 months internship in Astrocast and one of my objectives was to add unit test to our codebase. It has been 1 year now that I work for this company and I try my best to make the most relevant tests when I add a new feature. Show
I am a micro-engineer specialized in robotics, and my main area of focus has been the miniaturization of autonomous systems. Therefore, I have a shared background in electronics and in software which I have found to be useful when delving into embedded software. Following my MSc, I have worked for a few years on nano-satellites and have been interested in the development of embedded electronics + software. I have then pursued a PhD in robotics and autonomous systems. Over the course of my thesis, I have tackled the development of integrated control for a small sensorless piezoelectric actuator. I have also had the opportunity to develop automated test environments for this type of actuator. Since then, I have returned to the world of embedded electronics and software by joining Astrocast as an embedded software engineer. Show
I have been mostly working in testing for the past 10 years Show
I'm an external consultant on Rational as Davidson Consulting. It's my third big project. My jobs until now was always to help the software to grow from bad design to something better Show
Relatively new as software developer but very interested in the process Show
33% Software-Developer + 33% Engineer + 33% Designer Show
I enjoy listening to audio books. Show
My background is the ruelless world of 'C' programming. New tools and methods are well appreciated. Show
Always interested in learning new things and getting better :) Show
Nothing special Show
Electrical engineer with an interest in UX and UI Show
I like to make the software scriptable and write test scripts in order to have complete integration tests. Show
I also use QML files for UI display and of course, Qt libraries. Show
? Show
Over the last 4 years I tried many different programming languages and would say I am still not settled for a preferred/primary programming language. Show
- Show
I like using new algorithms Show
may be a typical (?) career from hardware developer, via vhdl, to (embedded)software developer Show
SW Developer, Project Leand and SW Team Lead in many different kinds of project (for a couple of different customers) Show
i studied communications engineering. After my graduation my first job was in a company which was producing video-tape-recorders. A was designing hard- an software for electronic components. After 10 years i changed to RATIONAL company, as they were recruiting a software engineer working with controllers based on the 8051 core. From that on, i am working at RATIONAL company... Show
I like home improvement. Show
If i code more than 8 hours my head gets mushy and the resulting code is bad. Show
Actually, I have studied physics and unfortunately I have never attended to a computer science course. Therefore, I am missing a lot of theoretical background and learned everything from the practical side. Show
<script>alert("I like to break stuff")</script>;" Show

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