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Years with company Years programming Primary programming language Other programming languages Unit test harnesses Something else Test practice now Target system Dev tools Build time Coding standard Function too long Code reviews Code time Test time Debug time Favorite thing about dev Least favorite thing about dev Tdd knowledge Why attending?
3 7 Java JS/TS, PHP, C++, Python JUnit, Jest, Cypress Was a hobby programmer before going to school and getting this job. Still a hobby programmer. Unit tests, some integration tests, end-to-end Secure website. React front-end, Java Spring back-end VsCode, Intellij 31-60 seconds Java-style formatting When I can't understand it. Name proliferation vs readability. Pair programming for real-time review, 1 or 2 person review before merge 50 40 10 Logic, data structures, problem solving Tests take longer to write than code Write test first, fail test, pass test Never formally trained in TDD Show
5 5 C# C++ Python C Java Visual Basics NUnit I play video games as a hobby Test Classes Windows Visual Studios Code 31-60 seconds Microsoft C++ Coding Standard Typically when it is larger than what my monitor can display Our code is goes through a review process through our coding architect 20% 20% 60% Writing my own code and getting it to work Reading other peoples code It helps our coding development cycle I was recommended to take this class. Show
<1 5 Python C#,C++ None I like to play video games. Basic functionality tests Embedded System written mostly in C++ and ADA Visual Studio, Windriver Workbench 30-60 minutes None If you have to scroll multiple times to read it all. Only done for merges into development. Review by at least 1 other person. 20% 60% 20% There is always more than one correct way to approach the problem. It can be very frustrating when you do not understand why your code is not behaving as expected. I had heard of the concept before but never looked into it. Suggested to attend by project lead. Show
1 4 Javascript Python, Java Juint for javascript I like Anime By making test to ensure coverage To have full coverage with little to no vulnerabilities VSCode 1-5 minutes If it runs and there are no vulnerabilities. Good to go by checking the time complexity of the function We usually bring in another team member to examine the work as we explain why we implemented it. 6 2 2 When everything works When everything doesnt work That you should try and do TDD before programming the function, not after My work would like our team members to take the course Show
6 11 C# C,C++ NUnit,GoogleTest NUnit,GoogleTest,Manual Embedded C++, Desktop C# VSCode 5-30 minutes On wiki, patterns, styles, etc It becomes difficult to understand what it is doing and/or requires scrolling to see it all Done via Gitlab Merge Requests. Sometimes async via the website. Sometimes sync over Teams 50 25 25 It is very powerful and flexible Constantly wrestling with IT Write tests based on behavior before writing implementation. Strong when requirements are known Refresher Show
4 6 Java, React C/C++, Python JUnit, React Jest I moved to California from New Jersey to take this job. I run the Java tests on VSCode and I use "npm test" command to run the React tests AWS Linux VSCode Under 10 seconds SpringBoot and React standards When it does too many things. We review code every two weeks 60 20 20 Working independently and creatively. Tracking down bugs. You code to pass the test My boss suggested it. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method and class functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Following Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function does too much and be split up into another function All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and are stuck for too long figuring out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
4 8 C# Only C# in my project NUNIT I like playing piano Write unit tests to test for correct method functionality Not sure VSCode and Visual Studio 2019 1-5 minutes Follow Microsoft C# coding standards Usually if we think the function can be split up to accomplish something All code is reviewed by our lead before getting merged in 25 25 50 Seeing that it works and the product helps people When it doesn't work and you can't figure out why Not much. Haven't learned anything about tdd before. Show
3 3 Java Javascript C# JUnit I don't like winter cause it's too cold for me. I use TDD. Currently using Java VS Code, Git 5-30 minutes I follow the team working agreement When it's over 10 lines of code My code reviews look for any errors in the way the code was written. 50 20 30 I like how developing software allows me to do almost anything I can put my mind to. I don't like how debugging can be difficult at times. It's good for making sure requirements are met. I'm attending this class in the hopes to learn more about how to use TDD Show
4 8 C# Java, SQL NUnit I enjoy running and swimming NUnit Windows VSCode, Visual Studios 31-60 seconds We work collectively to maintain an understood standard set by our lead When the responsibility of the function has become unclear Lead reviews our code 70 15 15 It is a creative challenge Getting stuck on something Basic understanding of the concepts To improve my knowledge and produce better code Show
5 9 C# Java NUnit I like sports and video games. NUnit Windows Visual Studio, VS Code, Gitlab 11-30 seconds Microsoft C# coding standard. When it'd doing too much. A reviewer review our code and provides feedback. I update my code resubmit for another review. 50 25 25 What you can do with it. Running into an issue that takes a long time to resolve. It involves making the tests first and then writing the software to pass it. To learn more TDD and how we might be able to apply it to our current work. Show
5 5 C# Java, C++, C, Python JUnit. PyTest, XUnit, Google Test I enjoy model building and gardening in my free time. Most recent projects have been completed with Python. Current technique is to describe a class and methods, it's inputs and outputs. Write unit tests for it then write the code blocks. Adjust testing if new methods or functionality are added. For our C++ code the target system will be an embedded system. VS Code (primarily), Visual Studio, TI Code Composer. 31-60 seconds Have used Google style guide for Java. Have used Microsoft's C# coding conventions. When it begins to take on too many responsibilities. Currently code review is done by person marked as approver of the open pull request. 30 55 15 I love problem solving with code. Inconsistent failures and edge cases. It is a method of writing test cases against requirements first before fully developing code. A skill refresher. I find I always learn something new, I am looking for that here. Show
2 5 C# Java, Python JUnit, Pytest Always looking to continue learning new languages and always eager to be working on a development project to keep my skills fresh. N/A N/A VS Code 1-5 minutes N/A Difficult to understand what it's doing Pair Programming 4 2 4 Designing solutions to complex problems and seeing the end product in action. Testing Red Green Refactor approach This course was recommended as good preparation for an upcoming project. Show
19 10 C# C, C++, Java GoogleTest, NUnit, JUnit I love watching basketball NUnit Windows and Embedded System Visual Studios and Visual Studios Code 31-60 seconds We follow a standard found by our lead architect There are code smells such as it is calling multiple functions and too many nested for loops. We push onto GitLab and have our main architect review it. 50 40 10 It is part of the building process Trying to figure out how to actually solve a problem We use it every day in our work To better our process in regards to TDD Show
3 3 java typescript junit, jest I love to challenge myself, in order to grow professionally. unit and e2e tests using jest and junit Linux and Window OSs. bitbucket, jenkins, AWS, SCA tools 1-5 minutes Add unit and e2e tests to new code, all existing and and new tests should pass. When it does more than one thing (when there is part of the code that can be written as a separate) Conducted at the end of each sprint, any needed changes made and approve before story marked done. 60% 20% 20% Solving problems, always learning new things, logical thinking none It assures software meets requirements, shortens dev time, To learn more about TDD and to be proficient with it, Show
1 5 C Python, Javascript, dabbled in C#, C++, Rust None really, have used a simple test harness written by colleague, not strictly for unit tests I spent most of my youth playing World of Warcraft. Running the code on hardware (or a dev board if no hardware) and observing the behaviour. If I encounter a problem as the device runs I will single out a function or functions and maybe write some code to explicitly test them. Very much test-after. STM32 micros, typically for IoT style devices. STM32CubeIDE, Git. 31-60 seconds We use a subset of Barr Group embedded C standard. Doesn't fit on a page (need to scroll screen to read it all). We have a rough procedure for performing code reviews but it isn't really done. 49 2 49 Creating something,solving a problem.Seeing something you've spent effort on/struggled with working. Pain of something not working or breaking intermittently and not knowing why, esp. under time pres. It involves writing tests before writing code. Write better code; not having obscure bugs pop up late in a project and blow out timeline and stress Show
1.5 8 C/C++ Python, Java Google Test Joined the military out of High School. Bench testing on hardware. STM32F205 processor with attached ADCs, EEPROMs, etc communicated with via SPI. VSCode, STM32CubeIDE, JLink, Git 11-30 seconds Loose in house coding standard that isn't enforced. I like following the never nester philosophy wherever possible. Also loose code reviews on merge requests. 70 10 20 Finding a clever way to solve a problem. Digging through poorly documented code to fix a bug. Build tests to fail first, then write the function to pass the test. To better implement TDD into our workflow. Show
2 0 Matlab C, C++ N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 31-60 seconds N/A N/A N/A 60% 10% 30% Uses creative thinking and can constantly make new and unique solutions. Finding and fixing syntax errors None To learn more about coding to increase my knowledge to make myself a more well rounded engineer. Show
1 33 C C# WPF C++ FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS and RTXC RTOS None My experience is with microcontrollers used in lab equipment. I have dealt with heaters controls, stepper motors, and state machines. I also used a number of comms such as RS232, RS485, USB, SPI, CAN and Ethernet. Also worked with Window Apps. Application testing and bench top testing. Multiple boards with STM32H745 STM32CudeIDE and VisualGDB 31-60 seconds We are adopting google style standard Just from readability and flow. In the past there were in frequent the aim forward is to have code review before pull request. 40 30 30 creating but also fixing and cleaning up structure. when things don't can't follow a simple structure, and it get complex. just cursory knowledge from talking about it and a couple YouTube videos. It is the path that Henny Penny wants to follow and because it could be useful over time. Show
0.25 0 N/A N/A N/A I am process minded individual who enjoys process improvement and achieving success in each project I am involved in. N/A N/A N/A 1 day or more N/A N/A N/A 0 0 0 N/A Focus has always been in hardware/manufacturing/Design which knowing coding processes will help me. Heard the terminology and have seen what I feel is similar at a different company. happy to learn Learn more about processes to see how projects can be made more efficient finding errors sooner. Show
20 32 C MATLAB Assembly (rarely!) Limited experience with CppUnit. Some experience with Model-Based testing using Simulink tools. Over 30 years experience in real-time embedded software development for automotive. ~20 years experience university teaching (adjunct): Embedded Systems, Software Engineering. Manually running test cases. Most recently, ARM core micro-controllers (M4) in a Body Control Module (BCM.) Eclipse, target-specific tools (MANY are Eclipse-based), Visual Studio Code, MathWorks tool chain 5-30 minutes Customer specific requirements. MISRA is a good basic standard. * Difficult to recall details that are not on the screen. * Decision structures are confusing. Manual inspection of individual code components against design and prior version, static analysis. 50% 35% 15% The satisfaction of creating a product that does something that somebody (maybe myself!) likes. Pressure to plan and complete a project with dynamic requirements and scope on a rigid schedule. Develop automated tests based on specifications BEFORE developing code. Helps verify requirements. I KNOW that TDD has value. I need the skills to implement automated tests in practice. Show
34 44 C none none ... Mostly run-time testing by developer, using real hardware and IDE breakpoints, watch windows, etc. Subsequent end-user type testing in our labs before official release. Mostly ARM Cortex M3 (STM32). For ARM: STMCubeIDE, Atollic, some legacy IAR projects 11-30 seconds Home-grown coding standard, mostly dealing with formatting issues. Visually -- how much you have to scroll to find the end. Largely non-existent on existing projects. Often self-reviewed and approved. 60% 10% 10% The creativity aspect. Analyzing needs, then designing and implementing solutions. Estimating development times. Schedules. Very little -- watched a training video, read a few articles. Corporate initiative for all software developers. Show
2 20 C++ VHDL Typescript Node.js Python Junit I've dabbled in programming since 96, but joined the Navy after highschool. I got my EE degree with a focus in embedded systems in 2016 from ODU. I've worked with anything from Electromechanical controls, to FPGAs and Fullstack development inbetween. Ad hoc developer testing STM microprocessors - Platform will also create libraries of tools for future development VS Code Cube IDE (eclipse) 1-5 minutes The current Coding standard was developed in house. We are currently adopting google std for C++. No Henny Penny has traditionally been a single developer per product line company, so they were minimal 33 33 33 I like solving problems and creating neat solutions. I have a passion for learning and making things Tedium I know some. I have written unit tests in the past but I havent done tdd, I have encouraged adoption I want to support the company with tools and processes to become effective at creating software Show
0.75 4 Java Go, MATLAB, Recently started C and C++ None New software engineer here, very new to the embedded world, but eager to learn. Haven't done much coding yet, but am set to here soon N/A Its a fryer or simulated fryer Eclipse, Bitbucket, Jira Under 10 seconds N/A Too many parameters, does too many different things, should be concise. N/A 0 100 0 Rewarding to solve a problem elegantly Bugs It shortens feedback time, you catch more bugs sooner To get more coding experience and grow into a more proficient programmer Show
2 Off/On 15Y C C++ None I'm a hardware EE that likes to dabble in software =) Manual checking. Controls a fryer (RTD ADC input, switch input, Relay outputs, etc.) STM32CubeIDE 31-60 seconds NA When I can't follow it anymore. NA 20 50 30 Being able to control the hardware is fun. Setting up the development environment. The basics: you write a test, you fail the test, you write/update code until it passes the test. Be more effective writing tests to verify functionality. Automated testing sounds like a win. Show
7 7 C Python Ceedling I am working to get better at writing readable and reusable code. I don't, I fix bugs. I work primarily with Nordic Semiconductor MCUs and NCS/Zephyr Rtos Vscode, Jlink 11-30 seconds Nothing is strictly enforced. If I can't fit it within a single screen. Generally, no code review unless my company pays for outside review. 60 20 20 It is like solving a giant puzzle. You just have to find/make the pieces that fit together. When the user decides the original specification isn't actually what they wanted. I understand the development cycle and its potential. I am hoping it will help me figure out how to implement TDD with my NCS/Zephyr RTOS projects. Show
0.4 6 C++ Python, Node.js, C, C#, Go, JavaScript, Typescript, Java Cypress, Selenium, GTest, Cpputest I am a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati studying Computer Engineering. This is my first co-op/internship at Henny Penny, but my fourth co-op/internship overall. I am too new to Henny Penny to fully know the testing process. Embedded Development Jenkins, Visual Studio Code, Cpplint, Clang-format, Cppcheck... 1-5 minutes Google C/C++ Code Standards When it does more than one thing I am too new to fully know the code review process. 30 50 20 The ability to build my dreams. Technical Debt Not too much I want to grow in my ability to develop clean effective/efficient applications. Show
2 10 C C++ Python JavaScript ceedling - not much experience though - First born American in a Polish family - Currently work in Product Development - Minor unit tests - Unit tests generally are done as CLI commands - Various embedded nodes -- STM32, NXP Kx Family - Various SoMs + SBCs running linux - STMCubeIDE - MCUXpresso - VSCode - Segger J-Link - Saleae Pro 16 Channel 1-5 minutes We have an organizational C Standard that takes some inspiration from MISRA. When it stops being readable and context is lost. Also, if it violates the dry principle. PRs in BitBucket; conventionally informal, but trying to change that. 25 10 65 The ability to create bespoke and innovative solutions. Debugging. Human error. Dealing with other people's bad code. The basic philosophy, but not too much honestly. I want to hone my professional skills so I can continue to be a sought after developer. Show
2 10 C C++ Python JavaScript ceedling - not much experience though - First born American in a Polish family - Currently work in Product Development - Minor unit tests - Unit tests generally are done as CLI commands - Various embedded nodes -- STM32, NXP Kx Family - Various SoMs + SBCs running linux - STMCubeIDE - MCUXpresso - VSCode - Segger J-Link - Saleae Pro 16 Channel 1-5 minutes We have an organizational C Standard that takes some inspiration from MISRA. When it stops being readable and context is lost. Also, if it violates the dry principle. PRs in BitBucket; conventionally informal, but trying to change that. 25 10 65 The ability to create bespoke and innovative solutions. Debugging. Human error. Dealing with other people's bad code. The basic philosophy, but not too much honestly. I want to hone my professional skills so I can continue to be a sought after developer. Show
1 4 C python unity cppucheck google test i am electronics engineer working in embedded firmware development for past 4-5 years traditional debug and uart console stm32 esp32 cube ide vscode jlink 1-5 minutes mainly try to follow bar or misra C standards after 10 line i think function is too long and having more than 3 arguments mainly we dont do review we do functional testing 30 0 70 being able to power things with code and see hardware working accordingly to your code unstructured projects and badly written code it is about writing test before writing relevant functions i want to learn how to write embedded firmware correctly first time minimize the software bugs Show
2.5 8 inc uni C (embedded) Python (data) Javascript (cloud) None. Mostly integration tests controlled using a CLI and not at all automated. I prefer to first approach problems at the strategic level rather than the tactical level... and I like reading and spending time outdoors. Through manual observation of system behaviour. STM32 Microcontrollers STM32CUBEIDE 31-60 seconds I've implemented a minimal style guide based on Michael Barr's standard. When it won't all fit on one screen. Not something that I do very often but am starting to do now and am finding it very rewarding. 40 10 50 Creating something from nothing and refining something convoluted and making it simple. The overwhelm that occurs when you haven't broken down a problem into manageable chunks. A methodology which improves code reliability, maintainability and extensibility through testing. I don't have a framework that I follow to reliably execute projects and it's causing me stress. Show
2 6 C C++, Python Googletest, Unity, VectorCAST Have some experience writing unit tests but this has always been for existing code. Some unit tests. Mostly integration testing. Arm Cortex M4 processor VSCode, arm-gcc 1-5 minutes We have internal company guidelines. If you are not able to view the entire function on your screen without scrolling. We use Gerrit for code reviews. 30 10 60 The problem solving and seeing your code in action. Tracking down bugs that are hard to reproduce. Not much, haven't done TDD before. To learn more about TDD and hopefully apply this practice to save time creating unit tests Show
6 6 C C++, python None I am an enthusiastic electronic engineer. I have been working with embedded systems design in academia and research environment, since 2016. Now, I am making a career transition to industry. Traditional way 32-bits MCU, bare metal and embedded linux VSCode. 11-30 seconds I try to follow the SOLID concepts in my implementations. When it is charged with countless tasks. I have a practice of reviewing my code as soon as its basic functionality is implemented. 50 10 40 The quick turnaround and correction of a feature implementation. Unlike hardware development. It consumes a lot of life energy. That is why I am here: for optimizing this energy consumption. I read Test-Driven Development for Embedded C, but I couldn't use it on a daily basis. I want to learn this technique in order to be more prepared for industry position. Show
1 23 C++ C# gtest I have a dog name Kiwi. :) Using gtest Linux VS Code, Vim 1-5 minutes Flexible More than 100 lines. We do have code review in this group. 40 40 20 Seeing the end results of my work. Often, work-life-balance is hard to have since you can always log in and work from home at anytime. some basic online training. My colleague strongly recommend TDD, I want to learn the right way to code/test. Show
13 24 C x86 assembly Visual Sutdio, Windbg, protocol analyzers/jammers Device driver developer, primarily on MS Windows OS, focused on storage stack. Windows debugger, protocol analyzer/jammer, automation test config Windows server running our PCI-e adapters connected to a storage system over a network Visual Studio Klocwork Enterprise WDk Driver verifiers 1-5 minutes Organization specific standards When it does more than one unique operation. Sometimes, we also look at the LOC of function Peer reviews 4 4 2 Finding solutions to interesting/challenging problems Varied platforms/configurations that it eventually runs on, bringing multitude of use cases Just learning about this To understand TDD better, what problems it solves and how it can be incorporated into my project Show
2 3 C C++, python I haven't done any unit tests. I am a Passionate Embedded Engineer having immense love for electronics and coding. I have two years of work experience in Software development and mastered myself in C programming. I will write a separate module called test.c and will use member functions to test the code. To enable testing I will use Macros in my main function. If Macro is set, then the test code would work, else production code would work. I am using Linux - ubuntu distribution, 20.04 version. Visual Studio code, Segger Embedded Studio, STM32CubeIDE, MCUXpresso, Simplicity Studio. 31-60 seconds Camel Casing If it has some repetitive statements. I will thoroughly check for all corner cases in my code. 40% 10% 50% Developing my own software or firmware, Isolation of functionality, design first code next. Reading other's code. It's a good platform to develop necessary embedded skills for engineers. I really want to enhance my embedded software coding, debugging skills. Show
4 25 C, C++ Java, Assembly implement my own embedded engineer write unit tests, use 3rd vendor test tools consumer devices, data center products ARM C++ compiler, Eclipse GUI 5-30 minutes use company coding standard manual checking use git review 40 20 40 able to solve problems, sense of accomplishment inefficient of writing code; takes a large amount of code to accomplish a seemingly simple task none was request from my boss Show
3 5 C C++, Python pytest I'm a master's student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. unit testing and manual testing using print statements microcontrollers (ARM, C2000) Eclipse IDE, JTAG debugger, Logic analyzer and oscilloscope. 1-5 minutes I'm not following any strict coding standards. Based on the number of lines, and complexity. Pull request 50 20 30 To solve a problem with a quality solution Finding critical bugs! Unit-level testing by mocking a hardware behavior to validate all the possible use cases. To learn the systematic development process of an embedded software project. Show
3 20 C/C++ Java, C#, Python Google Test, CppUnit I am a Software Team Lead at Garmin Canada Some unit test, and manual test Embedded system Visual Studio Code 31-60 seconds Similar to the Google standard It's more than a page long Pull request 0 0 0 The logic and design N/A I have done TDD with C++ before See what could be the different in C and bring the team along. Show
2 5 C Python, C++, java We currently use googletest, but are likely going to switch to unity test. I do not have that much experience with unit testing. I learned a bit about it in school, but there wasn't an emphasis on it, and we haven't had a huge emphasis on it at work either until recently. We have a small suite of unit tests (not much coverage), and then we have a software quality team test many aspects of the functionality of the software. I normally verify basic functionality before even passing it off to them. Currently an ARM Cortex M4F chip, but that may change in the future. Likely still ARM Cortex though. VSCode as my text editer, ARM-gcc is the main compiler, proprietary tools are also used quite often. 1-5 minutes We have internal standards that we try to maintain, but it often times they are not very strict. Sometimes by feel. I believe we also have commit hooks that check function complexity. We use gerrit for reviews. Code must be reviewed by someone other than yourself before submitting. 25% 5% 30% I love seeing my software do what I want it to do. I like designing and problem solving. Having to use old legacy code and coding standards that don't make sense or limit functionality. From what I understand, you write unit tests based on required functionality, and then code after. My manager signed our team up. (That is the real reason, but I do think it is also a good idea) Show
2 10 C++ Python Gtest, Gmock Math background. Always want to improve programming skills. Unit test, integration test, alpha, beta, preprod envs. Not sure what 'system' means here. vim, company private IDE 31-60 seconds Follow the company standard + be consistent with the team. When it is longer than one screen can hold, like 100+ lines. check correctness, coding style, test coverage. 70 20 10 It delivers values for clients. Legacy code hard to understand. Unclear/changing requirements. Bad product management. I know the high level concepts. Really learn TDD. Get ready for code refactoring training. Show
0.5 4 C None None I`m a HW fan, got into SW because I need my HW to work exactly I want. No STM32, ARM/X86 Linux PC VS Code Eclipse Under 10 seconds GNU coding standart When it is hard to follow what the function does. They are long. 30 10 60 SW is running on HW which i love to develop, and magic happens when HW becomes "alive" Writing documentation, Writing tests. Not a lot. Home Online Show
1 15 c c++ google test framework I have been coding in c/c++ for few years, but I don't hav idea on TDD. So I need to explore now. Using google framework, we write test cases for the code under test. Earlier network elements now, data collectors for water meters. c cross compiler for nxp platform 1-5 minutes We have certain guidelines to follow. If there are more number of test cases pertaining to each function then definitely we know. Reviewers follow the review guidelines document and review the code. 10 4 3 It gives me immense pleasure to see my code is runnung on the systems. Bit tedious job to design the software application architecture that gives flexibility to enhance. I just know first we need to write test cases before even to start with developing code. My organization mandated this course to complete. Show
4 13 C C++, python, Java, C# None I've been wanting to get some form of testing integrated into my personal Android apps. Generally top-level integration testing when changes are made Embedded Linux + FPGA w/soft microcontroller vim, CMake, Intel Quartus 5-30 minutes Varies from project to project/application to application as-needed. When it includes duplicate code that could be made into another shared function elsewhere. Very basic reviews on each pull-request 10 5 85 Making things work, tracking down obscure bugs and fixing them with one line Bad tools/vendor support Avoiding getting bogged down writing tests when we don't even know what the legacy code is doing. I'm open to learning about tdd, but am mostly here due to the company organizing it. Show
1 26 C C++, Python CppUnit, QSpy, TSIM (for VxWorks) I like walking in the woods with my dog, road biking, mountain biking. I consider myself an advanced C++ designer/developer and am pretty good with Python. Run on hardware in the debugger. Hack my code to hardcode values or execution paths. STM32 Cube STM32 Cube IDE (eclipse), CLion 1-5 minutes I think we have a Confluence page Is there such a thing? All code must be merged via pull requests. All pull requests must be approved by invited reviewers 60 5 35 I can create something new and useful from scratch. I like working with hardware. We still can't/won't estimate accurately (or truthfully?) I worked on a project a couple of years ago which was truly TDD. I loved it. Part of the reason I was hired at Inficon is because of my advocacy for TDD during my interview. Show
1 6 C++ Python, CUDA, C Catch2 Software engineer with Electrical Engineer background in communications and DSP. Manually. No unit tests or any automated tested machinery. Linux on x86. Basically a mini-desktop platform with a few GB of memory. CMake, GCC, Clang format, VS Code, Visual Studio 11-30 seconds No official coding standard. When it has more than one purpose. All changes to the main dev branch must be submitted as a PR on bitbucket, req. one reviewer. 5 0 5 Problem solving. Working with poorly thought out legacy code. Familiar with the concept, but haven't worked on a project that develops strictly by TDD. Proximate cause: chosen training by the software manager. Ultimate cause: training has real value. Show
9 months 21 years c/c++ angular Microsoft Unit testing framework NA we don't embedded device stm32cubeide 1-5 minutes Written in a document 100 lines NA 50 0 50 Feels like play can't thinkg of anything. Not much Mandated by management Show
0.6 15 C Python Ceedling Not buzzword compliant Functional testing STM32 Cortex-M7 STM32CubeIDE 31-60 seconds MISRA-C A good function is to the point and primarily does one core thing. Pull requests are reviewed by the team before merging into the main branch. 7 4 3 The challenge of deconstructing a problem and developing a solution using software. Software that's too hardware dependent. Software that's not readily reusable. TDD starts with writing a failing test case and then creating just enough code to pass the test. To understand and implement test driven development wherever possible. Show
1 15 C C++, Python N/A N/A Manual testing. Very limited automated testing Embedded devices N/A 1-5 minutes N/A If it doesn't fit into my screen. If it has too much complexity Peer reviews for all pull requests 40 20 40 To make computer/microcontroller do what I need it to do Debug tools that don't cooperate You need to have test in mind and start by thinking how you can test a piece of code before you star To learn what TDD really is Show
1 4 C/C++ Python CUnit framework I am interested to see how classes I took on TDD in college can be applied to real-world application code and how to integrate testing into already existing code bases. With log files and debugging statements Linux-OS based machine Visual Studio Code and GDB 5-30 minutes It differs within my projects codebase as some of the code is acquired code. Lately by using the getrusage utility, but eventually would like to use something like gprof. Pull requests are created that reviewers can comment on 20 40 40 Being able to develop applications and systems that power today's innovations Tracking down and plugging memory-leaks when they occur That writing tests first demonstrates you know the expected/desired requirements of your code Automating the testing of code functionality sounds like an incredible way to better allocate time Show
34 40 c .net none - run it - - 31-60 seconds - - - 50 10 40 - - - - Show
4 17 C Python C++ None I don't know Hardware Debugger, Print Statements, Tracealyzer, GPIO Toggling. STM32 Microcontroller with Cortex-M7 core, Free RTOS, GUI UI, pulse real time measurements STM32 CubeIDE, Clion 5-30 minutes developed by me, over the years, from what I like, and feel is best practice. When it tries to do multiple things. or when it takes up a screen's worth of space. I like to pull the code down and go over it in the IDE. 60 10 30 Controlling the hardware, instant gratification when something works. deadlines :) Very little. I would like to learn how to use it with Embedded C systems. Show
20 30 C++ C, Java, Php Junit, Gtest . unit tests with google test pc windows software, android apps Qt Creator, android studio 31-60 seconds internal when it's more than, say, 200 lines too few developers 70 15 15 it's a creative process I did it for decades I use it regularly I'd like to figure out how to do TDD on MICROs Show
34 25 C Python nothing I develop small application for production equipments debug and functional tests embedded devices Platformio for Arduino 11-30 seconds Not following a specific coding standard 2 editor pages no code review 33 33 33 Make automation applications debug nothing at the moment To reduce debugging time Show
2 months 10 years Embedded C I was using Python & in my previous job Nothing I have worked in various domains like Railway displays, automotive & Electrical domains. I used multiple programming languages during my previous experience like Embedded C, Python & VB.Net. Currently I am writing testcases using utest, and ensure that all test cases are passed. Right now I'm working on a cellular module for water meters. IAR Embedded workbench, Visual studio, GIT 1-5 minutes I follow barr & misra C coding standards If it has too many statements and too many function calls Before merging the code into remote branch, my code will be reviewed by all other team members 5 3 2 We can find various solutions for a problem statement, and implement new tools/functionalities Sometimes with oversight we take more time for small issues in the code. Its Test Driven Development where a unit test will be written along with the regular functional code I thought it will be very helpful for my day to day work also to my future Show
3 10 C Assembler none I studied electronic. At home I try to repair any sort of electronic device. In my free time I like running. I normally test the code on the target using a programmer/debugger tool. The target is an embedded system based on 16bit or Arm microcontroller I usually use the IDE supported by the microcontroller manufacturer. 1-5 minutes We follow few coding rules defined with my colleagues (e.g: variable/function naming, comments etc. I don't have a specific rule. It's usually done by myself in order to find mistakes or improve code, sometimes I ask to colleagues 30 20 50 I like to see how a raw schematic become a working object which I can control with my code When the complexity of the code increases, it becomes difficult and time consuming to resolve bugs It is a way to design code in order to increase testability and maintenance in the time To learn this programming approach and start to apply unit tests either on new project and old ones Show
1.5 5 C++ C, Python CppuTest I have a golden retriever named after the Archer cartoon's main character, Archer As a developer write and test against unit tests. Commits are tested by an automated build system. Thermal printers controlled by an embedded Arm system. Qnx Momentics, PCLint, CppuTest 5-30 minutes N/a When it gets difficult to tell what's happening in it. N/a 60 10 30 Finding challenging problems and creative solutions N/a Not much, but I've heard good things about it. It was assigned to me, but always enjoy learning new techniques and adding a tool to my belt. Show
1 5 C/C++ Python, Rust, Javascript. CppUTest, Python unittests. I am an early career firmware engineer. I am at my first first job, and am trying to develop good habits early. Code first, run existing tests, and create a new test if necessary. Target system is either an x86 VM, or an ARM chip. Eclipse 11-30 seconds Internal standard. When it becomes hard to read and I see repeated sections of code. Done with either a review software, or pair programming. 30 30 40 I enjoy the problem solving aspect of development! Dealing with intermittent issues/bugs in code. Write a test first, then develop for that test. I want to write better quality code faster. Show
18 20 C++ Python, Matlab Python Unittest Python UnitTest framework unsing the web interface of our device (kind of system test) ARM Cortex A based embedded device running on Linux Eclipse, GCC/GDB, PyCharm, GitLab, Teamcity 31-60 seconds 10 40 50 unhappy with the test coverage of the current project, starting a new project soon Show
4 10 Python C, C++, Javascript, Matlab Python unit tests and teamcity CD/CI Brazilian, Electrical engineer, Curious, Lazy sometimes Python unit tests and teamcity CD/CI Embedded linux and rtos Pycharm, Visual Studio Code, Virtual Box 31-60 seconds Try to make as modular and agnostic as possible If it's replicating code of other functions or making more stuff than what the function name defines I often make silly mistakes 5 2 3 Solving complex problems Debugging Only that you create tests before you code To increase development speed and decrease debugging time Show
14 30 c# Long time ago: java, c, c++, fortran, lisp Resharper Unit testing Testing tools in Visual Studio I like software development Unit testing, acceptance testing, manual testing for the GUI PC Visual Studio 11-30 seconds Whatever Visual Studio/Resharper suggest When it does more than one thing We are a team of two: we review each other 60 20 20 Everything:building, breaking, fixing...but most of all to help people save time when thy use our sw When people who don't know the sw, make decisions about it :-) Did a stint some years ago. Not doing tdd anymore, but would love to do it again Not doing tdd anymore, but would love to do it again Show
1.5 4 C# Currently just C# GitLab CI Im fairly new so I do not have that much experience with test harnesses or testing in general. What I see is that tests tend to be down in the priority list for most people. So I look forward to learn a lot about TDD. We currently have a few MSTests. Everytime we commit something these tests are executed. Also before committing we execute the tests manually. Windows PC GitLab Visual Studio Confluence ReSharper 11-30 seconds I try to use the C# coding convention by microsoft. If inside the function there are parts which are meaningful enough to require a function on its own We have a small team (2 people). So usually before committing we look at the code together. 50 20 30 I like the always learning aspect of it. There is almost no day where you don't learn something new. Unrealistic deadlines Create a test first. Build logic later. Continuous growth of complexity, refactoring and testing. I want to learn about TDD. How to use it, its benefits, how to implement it on a real environment Show
1.5 5 It was Java Chora (Embedded Wizard), Python, C, a little Cpp GitLab CI Since I joined the current company I am coding the UI 95% of the time. In a few weeks, I am going to start coding again in C/Cpp or Java for a new project. Mostly manual testing Embedded devices (cortex A with Linux or M architectures with RTOS) Eclipse, Embedded Wizard IDE, 31-60 seconds Not following one in particular, I try to apply the SOLID principles whenever I can When it does more than a function or when a portion of this function could be useful somewhere else I've never had, except for small parts of code when they were needed by one of my colleagues 50 40 10 solving problems and finding efficient solutions testing when there's UX or hardware involved just basic theory, I tried in the previous company for embedded stm32 boards but it didn't last long To learn more properly so I could apply for embedded development and the new coming project Show
14 35 C/C++ Python, C#, PHP, Matlab, Javascript, Bash, Assembly Google Test An old dog eager to learn new tricks Mostly with automated scripts for unit, integration and regression test. Some unit tests (not driving the development), some debugging. Portable audio analyzer, dual ARMv7 running Debian 10 on Linux kernel 4.9.11 with RT patch Eclipse CDT, Visual Studio, VS Code, PyCharm, Git/GitExtensions, TeamCity 31-60 seconds We have some guidelines for indenting and identifier naming, not always consistently followed. More than 2 screens long, more than 5 nesting levels. Limits may vary to facilitate comprehension. Only occasional. Some pair programming. 50 25 25 You always learn something new with every project. Menial and repetitive tasks that can be hardly automated. You iterate writing tests first that capture the requirements, then the code that makes tests pass. Not my idea, but TDD makes sense and is worth a try. Show
1 25 C++ Python, C, Matlab -none- I believe that writing software is engineering and not art, so let's apply all the tools available to make it better! Some unit tests written after the code is "ready", plus integration/system tests. A a lot of manual testing... Hand-held device: MCU running RTOS, display, keys input, storage, USB, cloud connectivity -- 31-60 seconds Don't have one at the moment, but planning to introduce one If it doesn't fit in one screen Don't have code reviews at the moment, but planning to start doing it 30% 15% 55% Thinking about architecture, define how each module should work, interfaces and algorithms. Debugging! Read your book, informed myself through podcasts, internet. Big fan of it - that's the way to go! I want to be able to support the developers in embracing and practicing TDD. Show
8.5 15 python, c java, c++ (little), shell scripting plain asserts inc, unittest (python), junit Currently working as R&D manager in IOT space mainly (smart metering) following project activities and supporting colleagues, sometimes I do programming (software and firmware) and electronics design sometime asserts or googletest Ultra low power embedded systems (bare metal without OS) on 16 or 32 bits (ARM) MCUS Mostly eclipse based tools, sometimes VSCODE 1-5 minutes We have an internal not really formalized standard at the moment, followed Linux in the past When I have to scroll the window to see the whole function Not yet really doing those unless a colleagues asks to do them 33% 33% 33% Creating things that work ! Solving bugs, understanding other people's code Shortly a methodology where you first write a test for you code and then the code itself The aim is to improve quality of code/products of the team (including myself) Show
1 12 c++ c, python, rust, bash Cpputest i have a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee write and run automated unit and integration tests we develop for an ARMv7 CPU in printers Momentics, svn, git, vim 1-5 minutes maintain the style of the codebase while not (re)introducing code smells when i need to use the scrollwheel to read it all, and there isn't just a huge switch statement we have a remote, asynchronous code review process, allowing experts in any time zone to give input 30 30 40 integrating and interfacing with various hardware components debugging for hours, only to find a simple logic error i've read the book, and worked in a test-driven environment for over a year manager suggested it, and i don't have to pay for it myself :D Show
1 10 C C++, Python static analysis I'm Fernando from Milan. I've worked in the embedded system field for 5 years. debugging mode, non regression test on target side embedded system vendor IDE 1-5 minutes I don't know how to rename it. no code review 40 30 30 there is no line, It's all up to you repetitive task It's an alternative to the waterfall design. It moves the key pint on the test side in someway. I want to improve my test and design skills, therefore I chose this training. Show
3 4 C Python Unity I have worked as an embedded software engineer for 3 years in the automotive industry. Looking to expand my knowledge in this field. Unit tests Currently our target system is SPC58NH92C5 (CHorus10M) - triple core, PowerArchitecture CPU CMake Greenhills compiler other inhouse tools 1-2 hours MISRA More then 20 lines of code Walkthrough the changes 2 2 6 Solving challenging problems, Constantly learning, seeing software run correctly :) Looking at the monitor for too long, hurts my eyes. :( Read the book Test Driven Development for Embedded C Expand my knowledge Show
<1 5 C Python Java HDL N/A I like to learn By debugging and stepping through code to ensure proper execution A test instrument that contains a handful of separate boards controlled by one central processor IAR EW Visual Studio 31-60 seconds N/a Hard to explain what it does succinctly Loose peer review 4 3 3 It's interesting to be able to control and use electronics Tool chain bringup and quirks Just a cursory overview. To learn how to implement TDD in our context to make our code more efficient and easier to maintain. Show
5 5 c Python Not sure Hardware developer that helps out with firmware development. Manual hands-on testing of product. Embedded system running Android OS IAR Workbench 31-60 seconds Not sure Not sure. Lead SW developer checks over code before it is committed. 6 3 1 I only develop firmware but I enjoy it because I can test hardware very efficiently. Not sure Nothing Trying to get better at product development Show
10 20 C C++, PHP Unity, PHPUnit Originally electronical engineer. Ended up in developing embedded software. - Mostly STM32 An IDE, development board and a logic analyzer. 5-30 minutes - - - 40 10 50 The puzzeling and the unforgivingness (how your mistake always shows up) - Testing - Always strugling how/where to start In short: Develop to make your tests pass. Work in small steps. Run tests continuously. I am not sure how/where to start with TDD. I hope this training gets me up to speed. Show
5+ few months C Python none I am Hardware Development Engineer and code occasionally for prototyping the hardware. Manually Its a motor tester (Test and measurement equipment) IAR Embedded workbench. 31-60 seconds none. If the parts of the function can be reused then the function is too long and can be reduced in size. Colleagues. 10 5 5 Helps me in realizing the hardware I build. Nothing. not much. I want to be able to do better coding as a Hardware Engineer I would like to contribute more. Show
3 20+ C Bit of C++, C# and Python None Software Supervisor for software team in Valley Forge looking after both NPD and Sustaining activities. Work varies but averages 20-30% software design/coding. Mostly functional/manual level testing. Various embedded processors, incl Renesas, Arm & PiC VS Code, VS Studio, MPLab, IAR compilers/debuggers 11-30 seconds No specific standard at VF and not previously enforced. If it's longer than I can see on a page at once. Not normally done in past at VF, if done then informal/ad-hoc when needed. 20 40 40 I like the challenges in solving problems and learning new things. Also being able to be creative. Dealing with poorly written legacy code, missing documentations. Very little, some of my team use it and we discuss it, but I haven't actively used it My team are starting to use TDD so I wish/need to understand it more Show
9.7 42 C# C, C++, Java, Perl, PowerShell, bash, Javascript/Typescript NUnit, VisualStudio built-in stuff I took a great TDD course over a decade ago, used to do TDD, now occasionally almost do TDD, but not regularly. With great difficulty. Unit testing not included in the code base, mostly; impractical to retrofit. I often change some small piece of complex calculations, validating results is hard. For more re-usable, general, new components, I unit test. Windows (desktop, some embedded stuff), and other embedded platforms (with no OS). mostly Visual Studio, some IaR embedded workbench, some Android Studio. 31-60 seconds Follow existing conventions and/or do what makes sense. I notice that a section in a function forms a logical step that could be separated out. I asked once for a code review here, got nothing. No one has ever asked me to do code review here. 6 2 2 Creativity: I enjoy being responsible for good ideas that bless others in appreciable ways. Those intractable portions of frameworks that are ill-documented and/or do not work as they should. Code a test that fails, write the code it tests so that it passes, then refactor, move on. I might learn some helpful tips/tools for being able to do more TDD, or possible DI/IoC for apps. Show
11 10 C# C, C++, Java, Matlab, LabView, VHDL/Verilog None Originally a test engineer, then design engineer working with hardware, then joined this company and programmed in C#, then C and then Java and finally on Android for a year before becoming a manager type. We have application and test engineer run validation tests on the product. Our products from bare metal C, windows embedded using C++ to Windows running hybrid C++/C#, Android IAR compiler, Visual studio, Android studio, Borland C++ 11-30 seconds Non-existent or changes depending on lead software developer Functions are too long when an entry level programmer cannot understand them by inspection. Lead software developer would review my subversion check-ins and send back code review comments. 5 2 3 Cool things can be made to happen if you have the right hardware! Waiting for hardware. Nothing I can let go of being an individual contributor even though I'm a manager... Show
12 20 C++ C Java C# None My current position is the first one that had an official build machine. In my previous positions release builds were made on developer's machines. It is tested manually by others by following test plans. Prior to others testing it, I perform manual tests of my own to verify functionality. We have multiple target systems but my current system is Android on top of Linux. Android Studio Under 10 seconds We don't have any formalized coding standards. I have expectations that are generally followed. If I have to scroll or the functionality is not immediately clear to me. I perform code reviews on each check in and provide guidance for improvements. 70 15 15 Designing eloquent solutions that are efficient and easy to understand by the next developer. Making significant changes to existing code that is not clear and understandable. I understand the overall concept of writing tests first followed by the code to make them pass. I want to understand in depth how TDD works and if it makes sense for our team. Show
14 3 Java Python, C++, C, Prolog, Scala Maven I am currently an Application Engineer with my company 10 credits away from my CS degree. I will be transitioning into the Software Dev team next year. I had a SW dev course that used Maven as a testing platform for all our Java and JS code for a web app project. Test functions were written for each new code piece prior to development. Not sure. Not sure what the team is currently using. 5-30 minutes Not currently on the team. When it performs more than one function. Not currently on the team. 70 0 30 The creative problem solving process. Seeing your work functioning is very rewarding. The tedious nature of cryptic syntax and deciphering convoluted or ambiguous code. A software development methodology that puts functional expectations first through testing. Learn about TDD to ensure I am on board w/ expectations. Taking SW Testing @CSU this Spring. Show
1 8 Java c#, c++, python None I like board games. Manually by hand or by giving the code to others in the company. Unsure as well. Android studio Under 10 seconds It must build and we try to make changes function as the should. When it becomes confusing. Minimum and stylistic. We have pretty large and infrequent commits. 30% 20% 50% I get to create something at the end of the day. Solving problems efficiently is really pleasing. It can become frustrating to deal with code that is convoluted. It is a methodology to program more effectively and efficiently. It would save us a lot of time and effort to put this process in place. Show
1 4 Java C#, C/C++, Python none I'm from Texas and went to Colorado for school. I have two cats and they are my pride and joy. I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and do crafts. I test code manually by running the program and performing different behaviors. unsure Android Studio, Visual Studio, SVN 11-30 seconds unsure When it can't fit in the window. They are informal comments made after code is submitted 50 25 25 It's like a puzzle. There is also some creativity in how to approach a problem. I don't like manually testing code. It makes testing less painful and tedious in the long run. My company is encouraging this class but I'm also looking forward to having better testing practices Show
1 20 C C++, C#, assembly Ceedling, NUnit Most experience in programming in C/C++ for Embedded systems. Started programming in C# about 1 year ago. Test cases are written in Ceedling for an Embedded C project, and NUnit for a C# project. Note that sometimes the test cases are written "after the fact". Additional tests done by QA after a release candidate is ready. It is a two Embedded processor system, one runs code written in C, the other in C# running on WinCE. Debugger, simulator, demo code, test harnesses, lab tools. Under 10 seconds This is a legacy product which unfortunately does not follow a specific coding standard. Usually when it goes beyond 150 lines; when there is repeated code that can be grouped. If code reviews are done (if at all) they are informal. 50 25 25 I believe developing software is actually really fun. Legacy code touched by many engineers who btw no longer work at the company... Been using it for about 1 year. It is great to give confidence when something has changed or added. Never had a formal training. I do believe it is very helpful to prevent bugs to be found late. Show
2 11 C Python Google Test Strorage Domain Experience 8 years. Unit Testing, CI pipeline SSD contollers. GNU GCC tool chain, JTAG debuggers, SIMICS enviourment. 1-5 minutes MISRA when it difficult to understand the code directly.. when there are many loops... we use the code review system that comes with gerit. 10 40 50 The thinking process imagining about the possible scenarios. the smart chooses(I think) I make.. To work on poorly designed code and you realize it's too late to redesign every thing. not much. to learn some methods to make my life easy. Show
3 months 8 C C++ Visual studio I am working as a firmware developer in storage industry from past 7+ years. Mainly worked in C language. Writing Unit tests. On actual H/W sometimes storage Controller Visual studio code, Source Insight 1-5 minutes C coding standard When function includes more than one logical functionality None started in current company 40 40 20 Implementing solutions to problems in code is fun loving. Debugging critical bugs In TDD software requirements being converted to test cases before software is fully developed To reduce time on debugging bugs after firmware release Show
3 Months 7 yerars C C++, Python Jenkins I hold a B. Tech degree in computer science. I have been embedded programming for almost 7 years as a professional. PC Simulator Arm based controller gcc, gdb, VS Code, Source Insight 31-60 seconds - When its more than 100 lines and does more than one task - 40 30 30 Designing, organizing code and testing it to see it works as visualized. documentation of code Software requirements being converted to test cases before software is fully developed. Would get to learn more about TDD. My team is thinking of adopting this strategy. Show
10 10 C And C++ Java,C# I have a Test application which calls specific function of interest. Also code coverage tools The Application is supported for Multiple Operating systems like Windows,Linux,ESX . Same Code base. I have test application which call the functions in a required flow. The Test APP has the added functionality to test all the interfaces for user. Multiple OS Like Windows,Linux,ESXi. The system should satisfy the pre-requisites SW and HW Microsoft Visual studio Linux GCC Compiler Cross Platform Toolchain 30-60 minutes We follow general C and C++ guidelines in addition with custom rules With Lines of Code. Loops and conditional statements used inside. The Code is reviewed by Self and Team with tools 20 60 20 Designing and creating the stubs. Making them actually work. Testing the stuff which cannot be unit tested unless specific HW or SW requirements met. Nothing. To explore and learn better method for Unit testing and detecting the bugs early in hand. Show
2.5 3 c c++ - I love listening songs We have testing environment and CI pipeline. lenovo laptop with 16GB RAM and window10 OS vim or visual studio code 1-5 minutes - By the number of lines we use gerrit for code review 20% 20% 60% coding and debugging long duration of unit testing Nothing - Show
0 10 C Python None NA Code development yet to start SOC firmware NA 31-60 seconds NA NA NA 70 10 20 NA NA Nothing To produce code/firmware with minimum bugs. Show
0 15 C C++,python Dont know I have been coding, debugging firmware for over 10 years.Before that i worked on UEFI drivers, and a linux drivers. I am new to Marvell.Previously we have used Unit tests written in C and ran over visual studio It is a SoC with 12 ARM R8 and 2 ARM M7 Visual studio code 1-5 minutes I am new to Marvell and I dont know the answer to this. If we need to scroll the function on the screen. I am new to Marvell and I dont know the answer to this. 40 20 40 developing software helps to sharpen my problem solving skills. The long debug sessions :) Test cases are written before developing any features. TO know more about Tdd and use it in our framework. Show
15 16 C Python Automation - We do manual and Automation testing. In Manual testing, we test for particular fix/functions by running specific test. In automation testing, we test complete code by running different test cases, which covers maximum code. OEM Servers with Marvell Products Microsft Visual Studio Linux Perforce Git 1-5 minutes use Standard C style Number of line of code and if there is too many task done in single functions. Code review is done among different team members, where code changes and unit test result shared. 40 30 30 Implementing logic in coding Debugging corner case issues which are not seen during complete test cycle. Have basic knowledge about TDD. To know more about Software development process,As I have not gone through any such training before. Show
0 5 C C++, Python Jenkins automation testing Having 5+ years of experience in embedded firmware/software development and debugging over Linux, RTOS or bare metal based platform for different microcontrollers. Always curious about solving problems using coding, its fun. PC simulation environment using python ARM based controllers (SoC) VS Code, Source Insight, GCC Toolchains, WSL 1-5 minutes Internally defined coding standards (Naming conventions, MISRA, indentation, Reliable, portable etc) Function not doing one specific operation rather delivering more than one functionality & more lines Peers review using gerrit 40% 30% 30% Coding, debugging and most important challenging problems Documentation TDD is test first development process where test case is first written before you write enough code To gain the knowledge to write test driven software to faster the overall development process Show
1.7 8 C++ C, Python None I enjoy learning new things. Either on Simulator or EVB. I use a Windows Host. ARM Compiler 6, VSCODE 5-30 minutes Im a at intermediate level in coding standards. if that function is not fitting on the screen. I review the code changes thoroughly. 50 30 20 The real world usecases can be easily achieved with software development/ The amount of time it takes to write a complex code. Not sure about TDD I would like to know the smart ways of coding for lesser code size and better efficiency. Show
0 14 C / C++ Python GMock I like to solve Puzzles. I have not tested the code yet I dont know about the Target System. SourceInsight, VScode, Vim etc 2-4 hours I usually adhere to the Standard C Style coding but it depends on the project too. When a function can be broken into subroutines but isnt. I am a new Joinee and I have not created any code reviews yet 30% 30% 40% I like solving problems/puzzles and learning new things. Debugging someone else's code which is not very well documented It means: 1) understand the req 2) define a test 3) code 4) use #2 to confirm soln I like to learn new things and also it was a pre-requisite. Show
0 17 C C++, Python gtest Mostly working on firmware development but did some object storage software development too. PC Simulator written in Python SOC Arm compiler/debugger 5-30 minutes Internal When it does many things, difficult to understand and maintain. Internal 50 30 20 The whole process especially the testing. Nothing I think TDD is a practice that software developers should follow to identify bugs at early stage. I wanted to learn and apply TDD practice to our daily software development work. Show
0.2 11 C C++ randomizing the UT and configuring jenkins to run it UT in visual studio Windows, Linux VS Code, Git, Jira 1-5 minutes when code is of too many lines peer reviews, SME reviews 60 30 10 problem solving The bugs adding scope or hooks so that the feature can be tested independently To enhance unit testing skills which developing various modules. Show