Agile Startup Workshop


Getting an Agile software development effort started, without a lot of guesswork, is a real challenge. We're experienced in getting companies started with Agile. In this workshop we guide your team through the key activities to get an effective iterative development plan in place. No toy projects are used here. We use your product and develop its backlog. This workshop usually lastS 3 days, depending upon team size and preparation. Before the workshop a preparation package is completed by the team to fuel a very effective workshop.

How Does this Workshop Differ from Scrum Training

There are a number of differences.
  1. This workshop is designed help you start iterative development on your product. Exercises are not done with a toy example.
  2. Breaking your work into stories, especially for embedded systems is a challenge. Our workshop facilitators can help you figure out how to break your work into a series of incremental deliveries that demonstrate progress or deliver value to your end customer.
  3. You won't get a Scrum Master certificate, though you can have a Wingman Software Certificate of Completion.

Facilitator Led Activities

  • Articulate Goals
  • Identify Stake-holders
  • Create Story Backlog
  • Architectural Vision
  • Identify Team Members and Roles
  • Create Initial Estimates
  • Create Initial Release Plan
  • Create agile transition backlog


This workshop is typically done for an single product team. A second team or individuals could participate, though we focus on one product. Adopting an Agile way to work is not just an engineering issue. This workshop should be attended by a cross-functional team, including:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Systems engineers
  • Customer service
  • System test

Most teams are ready to start iterating the day after the workshop.


Engineers should have been though one of our Test-Driven Development Courses. This is important because test automation is foundational to success in adopting an iterative and incremental development model like agile.

Workshop Outline

  1. Agile Overview
    • What Problems Does Agile try to Solve?
    • What is Agile?
    • Why Iterative and Incremental?
    • Agile planning, Tracking Concepts.
    • Collaboration, and Self Organizing Teams
    • Scrum vs Extreme Programming Terminology
    • Engineering Practices of Extreme Programming Briefing
    • Iteration Zero Game Plan
  2. Product Vision and Team
    • Concepts and Approach
    • Do it for your product.
  3. Breaking Down Requirements into Stories
    • Concepts and Approach
    • Do it for your product.
  4. Estimation and Release Planning and Tracking
    • Concepts and Approach
    • Do it for your product.
  5. Iteration Planning
    • Concepts and Approach
    • Do it for your product.
  6. Automated Acceptance Testing
    • Concepts and Approach
    • Determine options for your product.
  7. Agile Transition Backlog
    • Agreement on things to do and try
    • Identification of skills to develop
  8. Workshop Wrap Up
  9. Other topics as needed and time allows

Typical Workshop Timing

Each workshop is custom to your needs and pace. The workshop is not done on a hurried pace. We often have time on the third day for deeper dives in to topics that are foremost in the team's mind. Here are some typical timings.

  • Day 1: Overview, Product Vision, Stories
  • Day 2: Stories Continued, Estimation and Release Planning
  • Day 3: Iteration Planning, Test Automation, Everything else