Agile Embedded Software Development

Embedded systems development can benefit from Agile software development. This paper and presentation tells you about why you should care, what problems Agile is designed to solve and what agile is. This topic has evolved over the years. I started presenting it in 2004 (or maybe earlier) at the Embedded Systems Conference.

Why should you consider adopting Agile software development practices? Not because it is the latest buzzword (actually an old buzzword from 2001). You should consider adopting it because you want to improve. The plan driven approach hides a lot of problems until it is too late. Ad hoc development does not provide the business with the needed visibility to confidently plan product releases and rollouts. To find out more about Agile Development for embedded systems look at my paper and presentation that I have been presenting and evolving over the last 10 years.

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Published: September 22, 2011